How to choose a 55inch 4K TV


Why choose a 55inch 4K TV in the first place?

Let’s start off with a very important piece of advice: Avoid anything less than a 4K TV if you want a future-proof set. 4K is 4 x better resolution than full HD and gives you brilliant clarity and detail, even when you’re sitting really close to it.

More and more content providers are making programmes in 4K, so your new 55inch TV is ready for the visual avalanche. From sports events to gaming, your 55inch 4K TV will redefine your viewing experience. You’ll get a stunning picture from any angle and it will be much better than you can imagine. Imagine that.

The price is right

55inch 4k TVs have never been more affordable. Now is the time to make that leap, whether you buy in cash or use finance options.

The size is right

New 55inch 4K TVs are now the most popular category as they make an amazing centrepiece in your lounge. The sets are thin and light and they look fantastic. You do have to consider what your 55inch TV will like in your living room – or wherever you want it to go. If you have a tiny living space, it may not be right for you.

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How good do 4K TVs sound?

Because the new 55inch 4k TVs are so thin, the speakers often don’t perform to the same level as the picture – although many people will be more than happy with the standard.
Lots of people who buy a new 55inch 4K TV also buy a ‘sound bar’ to make sure that they get the all-round home cinema experience. Sound bar speakers provide sensational sound and are also available at very competitive prices. Once you’ve got your full 55inch 4K TV set up exactly how you want it, you’ll never want to leave the house again. Or if you do, you’ll want to rush back again to experience how brilliant it is.

How to choose the 55inch 4K TV that suits you…

Everyone has their own ideas about what they want. The latest 55inch 4k TVs are not just TV’s – they are complete entertainment centres. You’ll use them for watching TV, streaming movies, gaming and viewing mobile content…

We’ve put together our top three recommended 55inch 4K TVs based on reviews, sales and our experience as fanatical TV watchers…

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Samsung 55” NU8000 HDR Smart 4K TV

This new 55-inch 4K TV model gives you crystal clear pictures with exceptional details, brilliant colour and contrast. The online reviews are also very high, revealing excellent all-round performance.

There’s ultra-easy set-up and you never need mess about with your TV remote again as the Samsung NU8000 works with effortless voice control.

Danny from Macclesfield, who bought online says, “This is brilliant for gaming. It’s already pre-set, so all the settings are perfect, right out of the box. And the games look stunning!”

Toshiba 55U58 63DB 55” LED 4K ULTRA HD Smart TV

A brilliantly priced 55inch 4K TV. This telly boasts exhilarating life-like picture quality and is “As near to home cinema as you can get!” according to Mike, a customer from Old Harlow, Essex.

This Toshiba model is very simple to use and has easy-to-understand controls. It also features Dolby Audio, which gives excellent sound to compliment your picture.

Toshiba’s Smart Portal already has lots of 4K programmes ready to watch, and works with the voice of Alexa, so you can have a remote free, Ultra HD experience.

The Toshiba 55U58 is ‘Eco-made’ which means it’s 30% more energy efficient compared to other models. With very high review ratings and at an amazing price, this 55inch 4K TV from Toshiba is very difficult to beat.

FINLUX 55” 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

Years ago, lesser-known TV brands were dismissed as they were usually cheaper and perceived to be of less quality. That doesn’t apply any more. The last of our Best 55inch TVs is the Finlux 55inch 4K Ultra Smart TV which is high- quality and incredible value for money.

“The picture quality is second to none!” says customer David J. of Whitehaven. And lots of other viewers agree with him. The Finlux also includes ‘Freeview Play’ which has over 60 TV channels including up to 15 HD channels, along with the DLNA system which enables you to stream films and other video content from your laptop to your TV through your Wi-Fi connection.

You also receive a great selection of video-on-demand services such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and many more apps to keep you busy.

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How to buy your 55inch 4K TV

If you have ready cash, that’s always the best way to buy your new 55” 4K TV, but if you’re looking for a convenient way to manage you budget, then we have two different credit options available for you to spread the cost.

We have Paypal Credit and Close Brothers Retail Finance. To find out what option is best for you, just go the website and place the TV of your choice into your basket. Once you’ve done that you’ll see the Paypal and Close Brothers logos. Just click on each to see what terms are available. Remember that not everyone will be eligible for credit terms. You can find out more about buying TVs on finance here.

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