8K TVs – can they really be worth the money?

8K TVs

8K TVs – is the revolution here?

TV Technology is developing so fast that it seems no sooner have you got the latest model out of its box, it’s already out of date. 8K TVs are ready to rumble, but can they really be worth the money?

In 2018 almost 100 million 4K TVs were sold. Now 8K is here and Samsung are selling their 98-inch 8K TVs for around £55,000. Yeah, right.

8K. What is it?

Let’s keep things simple. 8K is the clearest picture you’ll probably ever see. An 8K TV has a resolution of 7680×4320. This basically means 4 x sharper than the fabulous 4K TVs which are incredibly popular right now. All 8K TVs are 65-inches in width (or more), as it would be a waste to cram all those pixels in to a small screen. So, 8K has an AMAZING picture, which will be much brighter and so you’ll see miniscule details on your screen. That sounds amazing, and actually, it IS amazing.

HD and Full HD

Do you remember the hot trend in 2012? It was 4K Ultra HD TVs. Yes, that was back in 2012, so a good few years ago now. The launch was a bit shambolic, with some makers so desperate to release their great new product that they forgot to include HDMI 2.0 ports on their sets, which meant that very few 4K TV owners were actually lucky enough to view true 4K video on their new system. And there were other issues too, which we won’t bore you with.

4K TVs

4K content

When 4K TV launched, it seems that no-one had thought to tell content makers that 4K was the new big thing, so hardly anyone could offer a decent selection of 4K content. This was very bad planning. Why would you want to spend a lot of money on a system where you couldn’t see the type of content you bought it for? So, sales were not good, and the industry had to have a shake-up. This has now changed.

8K – is everyone ready?

You are probably one step ahead of us already. The best reason not to go for an 8K TV at least for a year or two or more is this: There is almost no 8K content available and it’s going to take years before it’s ready for consumers.


There is a huge back catalogue of movies that were shot on 35mm film and these can be transferred and remastered to 4K. So there’s lots of material which can make its way to 4K, and it is doing as we speak.

BUT. And this is the important bit. For 8K TVs you need material that has been shot on 65mm film. And the truth is, hardly anything EVER has been shot on 65mm film. So, when you’re handing over your £55,000 or whatever it is, make sure you are OK with the fact that there will be nothing to watch on your fabulous new TV.


4K TV- is it any good?

Yes, if you are looking for a new TV now, then go for a 4K Full HD TV. HD Content for these TV’s is now common, and you can watch it on Amazon, Netflix, Sky Q and BT Sport Ultra HD. Also, you can buy 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Now is the time to get into 4K.

Here are a few reasons why your next TV choice has to be a 4K

1. You’re future-proofed: For quite a few years, your 4K TV will be the best choice. There’s no need to panic about it being outdated – probably for between 5 and 10 years, maybe more.
2. 4K Blu-ray is here. See movies in unbelievable quality. Right now.
3. 4K internet browsing is mind-blowing.
4. 4K Home movies are here. Forget Hollywood, there are now 4K camcorders, smartphones and action cams which film in 4K. Amazingly clear images that’ll make your eyes-pop!
5. 4K gaming has arrived. Go into battle knowing that you can see your enemy in amazing detail. It’s stunning.
6. Listen to Sky and others. They say that the resolution is better than being there, that’s how good sport looks in 4K.
7. 4K prices are tumbling fast. And it’s not a fad, it’s here to stay for years to come.

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