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9 Fun and fabulous ways to blow 10K

fun ways to blow 10K


Imagine you’ve just had a windfall of £10K and you’re keen to spend the lot on doing something fun and impulsive. Don’t just go out and buy a car or something boring like that, try and use your imagination. We’ve put together 9 fun and fabulous ways you might like to blow your newly acquired stash…

1. Hire a celebrity

Yes, why not splash a fair old chunk of your cash on having a celebrity round at your house for the evening. Just to give you an idea of who you can get: Lindsay Lohan will pop round for approximately £5K. If you want to show her off, then why not take her to your local working men’s club for a game of bingo or a ‘pie and a pint?’ Or, if you’d prefer a big, camp evening then there’s overly-dramatic Christopher Biggins at £7K. Or, how about the larger-than-life, big-tonsiled thespian Brian Blessed* at £8K?

*If you book Brian Blessed, you get free headache tablets, cos the lad does tend to be a bit loud.

If you’ve actually had a bigger windfall than £10K and have your sights set on someone a bit more famous, then you could get Selena Gomez for £60K or Simon Cowell for £610K. If you’d rather go for a Hollywood star it will cost between £200,000 and £300,000 for Keanu Reeves to make an appearance. Mind you, his acting is so wooden that you’re likely to get splinters.

fun ways to blow 10K

Christopher Biggins being less dramatic than usual (Dave Fowler/

2. Deliver a message in the sky

Here’s a fun way to spend your cash. You’ve seen those planes pulling along a banner that says a new club is opening or something – well for around £3K you can have your own personalised message dragged across the sky. Why not tell your partner they’re dumped, in dramatic fashion? Or have it fly over Blackpool beach with a banner saying “Sharks! Get out of the water!” With the remaining £7K, you almost have enough to buy a drink and some pop-corn at your local cinema.

3. A life-like urn to hold your ashes

For only £2,500 you can have a life-like urn made to hold your ashes in. A great fun gift for a loved one. And with 10K to spend, you can get one for each member of the family!

*Keep your urn handy for those freezing winter moments, so relatives or neighbours can spread your ashes under their car wheels to help them get to work. You’re helpful, even when you’re dead.

4. Run through Death Valley

For £10K you and four friends can have an organised fun-run through Death Valley, Nevada, and have a holiday thrown in too. It will be tough, running through the desert, but you’ll get a full support crew, with plenty of support staff to hold-you up once you’ve been affected by the heat and start running ‘wonky’.

The boss at Ebuyer recently did the Leeds half marathon in under an hour – and he would’ve done it quicker, but he had to stop for petrol.

5. Fake Wedding party

All the rage in Argentina (true!), you get to throw a fake wedding party with a DJ, catering and all the rest, plus a variety of actors to play the key roles. Invite all your friends (and keep it a secret that it’s all fake), and then watch as a few of the groom’s ‘other women’ turn up. Let the drama – and fun – begin!

6. Hire a private jet

Play the rock-star and hire a private jet. If your party venue is within an hour’s flight, you can hire a private jet and take half a dozen of your favourite people to a club, have drinks all night and then round the evening off with a take-away curry as you fly home. The jet will cost you about £8K. And the remaining £2K will be spent on paying for a cleaner to try and get the stains from your Tikka Masala off the jet’s white carpet.

7. ‘Surgeon & Safari’ Package

This really exists. You and a friend can go to South Africa, see some wild animals roaming about, and then go and have some cosmetic surgery done. You can have a face-lift, maybe a dollop or two of Botox, an eye-brow lift. Or even get that that bump in your nose sorted that you got fighting over the cheap stuff near the end of their sell-by-date in Asda.

giraffes on safari

Some giraffes enjoying a day out at a safari park (Burdiak/

8. Buy a really expensive cocktail

There’s a cocktail called Salvatore’s Legacy made at London’s exclusive Playboy Club. The cocktail concoction uses 240-year old ingredients dating back to before the French Revolution. It’s said to be ‘a classic blend of vintage ingredients’ that has a woody taste. Well, to be honest, you can get a woody-taste from sucking on a piece of 4-by-2 in B&Q – and it’s totally free!
The cost of the cocktail: £10K

9. Have a Heart Attack

You and three pals will fly to fabulous Las Vegas for the weekend, see a top show, stop in Caesar’s Palace Hotel and go to the famous Heart Attack Grill located downtown. They do a quadruple-bypass-burger with the highest calorie count in the world. 9,982 calories in one flipping fun burger meal. The staff all dress as doctors and nurses, just in case you keel over in a lard-induced coma. Obviously, you don’t want to over-do it with the unhealthy stuff, so you can wash your burger down with a nice glass of coke zero.

Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill (

*Of course, if you decide to blow your 10K at instead, we’ll probably give you some sort of discount, cos we’re good like that!

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