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Cool for Cats – How to keep totally cool this summer

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The usual UK summer heatwave is just about here, and whether that’s because of global warming or not, it’s our duty to take advantage of the glorious weather. But how can you keep cool during it?

This summer, why not dare-to-be-different and actually prepare for the uncomfortable conditions? Yes, we know that’s not the traditional British way, but let’s show everyone that we can do this!

At we have a large range of things to help you get through the sticky conditions. Here’s a selection of items to keep you cool, with prices that are even cooler.

Doing the Vida Loca

British homes are not geared up to keeping you cool – especially at night. Trying to get to sleep can be an uncomfortable experience… unless you have a fabulous fan to send you breezing off to happy-land!

summer cool

The Vida 12″ Desk Fan

Vida has a great range of fans that are amazing value-for-money and do the job perfectly. We especially like the retro-look fans; the Vida 16” Pedestal Fan, and the Vida 12” Desk Fan as they have the iconic USA-style chrome finish. You can imagine them in an old black and white movie set in the deep south. And were talking about Alabama, not Bournemouth. We also love the Swan Retro Blue Desk Fan, too.

It is also worth considering a portable air conditioning unit for the home or office that will keep productivity high, and your costs low. Check out the Vida 77000BTU Mobile Air Con Unit. Simply move the unit from room-to-room to keep everyone cool, day or night.

Portable peace of mind

Mini portable fridges are perfect for in the bedroom, car, caravan or, if your living the rock-star life, on your boat. Imagine you’re stuck on the M25 (it could happen), and it’s a boiling hot day. Your partner is whingeing, the kids are giving you grief and the dog is driving you mad. Hang on a minute – open your fridge and there you have lovely cold drinks, chilled sandwiches, fruit and treats for Rover. Complete peace and quiet. Your portable fridge has paid for itself in one trip. Swan have a couple of retro mini fridges that look fabulous and provide really cool snacks. A car adaptor is also included for maximum convenience.

Twistin’ by the Pool

cool summer

The Swim Centre Family Pool

The kids are on summer holiday, the sun’s out and after two days they’re bored. It’s time to get out the paddling pool. Intex do some great, cheap paddling pools for youngsters, such as the 3 Hoop Paddling Pool and the Mushroom Baby Pool, but also do a fabulous inflatable giant family pool with four built-in seats and two cup holders. Check out the Swim Centre Family Pool. When you see the prices, you might as well jump in at the deep end and buy one. Apart from there is no deep end, obviously. These inflatables are great fun and afterwards you just fold them up and take them with you. Perfect for in the garden or to take on holiday with you. Keep cool in any location.

Warning bit: ALWAYS make sure youngsters are supervised.

Let’s drink to the summer

So, you’ve decided to stay at home and potter about to your heart’s content. Your fridge is full of salad that really needs throwing out, and there’s no more room because of all that veg you bought on special offer. Russell Hobbs do a great 8 Bottle Drinks Cooler that will provide you with your thirst-quenching drinks and wine. It’s time to go and sit outside with a nice cold drink and see what the neighbours are up to.

Get slushed

If you’re over-heating and just don’t know what to do, then you definitely need to chill-out with an iced-coffee or slush drink. The Retro Diner Frozen Drinks and Slush Maker is the perfect appliance to get you through the stifling heat. This is a great device and also comes with recipes and creative ideas. A smoothie maker is also a healthy way to make those drinks to keep you cool as you sit in the garden checking the temperature on your mobile. The Vida Bullet Blender is a total bargain, while the Swan Retro-range offers style in abundance.

bullet blender

The Vida Bullet Blender

A cheap way to make smoothies is by using a hand blender, which are amazing value. The Elegento E12009 is the perfect whizz-kid, while the Smeg 50’s Retro Blender adds a touch of fashion to your fruit.

So, there you have a few things which will make your life a little easier and cooler over the summer and beyond. Remember the old phrase, ‘Be Prepared’ and you’ll be cooler than George Clooney on his holidays in Alaska.

4 Top tips for keeping cool

1. If you’re over-heating, rub ice-cubes on to the underside of your wrists, temples and forehead. Your wrists are what are known as pulse points, and heat radiates from them. By running cold water over them immediately before getting into bed, you’re reducing the impact of the heat that your wrists produce.

ice cubes


2. Wear loose-fitting clothes. You know how dark colours absorb the heat more than lighter colours do? Well that rule also applies to clothing, so wear light coloured clothes to keep cool, even if you’re not out and about in the sun.

3. Ditch your duvet for a sheet. If you don’t actually have a sheet, then just remove the filler and use the duvet cover itself. You’ll be nice and comfortable in the night.

4. Don’t sleep naked. Why, the very thought… You’ll sweat and become clammy if you sleep naked, whereas if you wear a loose fitting garment (nightie or PJ’s) the sweat is drawn out into your night-wear, meaning you’ll sleep much easier.

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