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Fridge freezers – which is the right one for you?

fridge freezer

Fridge freezers are much more than just about food storage these days. More features are being introduced all the time, making it more difficult to choose the right fridge freezer for your needs. Firstly, let’s take a look at the different types  on the market…

Freestanding fridge freezers

These are the most popular as well as being the cheapest. Basically, freestanding models have a fridge and a separate freezer unit. They tend to be the most efficient, so will cost you less to run. They are also easy to take with you if you move house. As the cheapest on the market, the designs tend to be very basic and will have minimal features – but there’s nothing wrong with that. They also have less space – but that’s not always a bad thing – it’s better to have a smaller fridge freezer that’s full, rather than a large fridge freezer that’s empty – or you’ll be paying more running costs.

Integrated appliances

These are models designed to be hidden by kitchen cupboards. They are usually slimmer and more compact, as they have to fit in with standard designs of kitchens. The down-side of integrated models is that there’s less choice, they can be fiddly to install and they are usually more expensive.

*There are two types of door styles with integrated fridge freezers: A fixed/door-on-door is where the cabinet door is actually attached to the fridge door. A ‘sliding door’ is where a rail is fitted along the inside of the cabinet door which the fridge door slots in to.

American-style fridge freezers

These are also known as ‘side-by-side’ models, as they are usually split vertically, with one side being the fridge and the other side being the freezer. Some models are French-door (two fridge sections, with two freezer drawers below).

Fridge freezer

The advantages are that the American-style models are large and have lots of space. They also have a variety of features such as digital displays, chiller cabinets, water/ice dispensers and more. They also look cool and are a focal point of your kitchen.
They are usually well-designed with lots of adjustable shelves and racks, and also have various compartments to separate food types. Plus, you don’t have to stoop down to rummage in the freezer.

The disadvantages of the American-style units are: They are much pricier than standard fridge-freezers, they take up a lot of space and are not as environmentally friendly. Models with water dispensers will need the filter replacing every six months, which is an added, on-going cost. Check prices before you invest. You also need to measure your house before you go ahead – as some hallways and doorways are too small to accommodate an American-style fridge freezer, so it might not be able to get in to your kitchen! And don’t forget to factor in extra space around the appliance as air needs to circulate around it.

It’s a space thing

Fridge freezers are split into two separate compartments. You can choose what percentage split you want, depending on your eating habits. Each fridge freezer will have a rating: 70/30 means the fridge takes 70% and the freezer 30% of the complete appliance. The variations are 70/30, 60/40, and 50/50. Your decision is important.

fridge freezer

Quick guide to interior fridge stuff

Only you know what you want from your fridge freezer – but here are a few things to consider…
• Shelves. Most models have between two and five shelves.
• Bottle racks. Convenient and allow you to store bottles flat.
• Salad crispers. Most models have a salad drawer. Some higher-end models allow you to adjust the humidity in the salad crisper to suit the contents.
• Chiller compartment. An area designed to store meat and fish just above freezing point. Keep it fresher for longer.

Food freshness features

When you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on nice food, is important to try and keep it as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. Makers of fridge freezers have developed several features to keep your food fresh. These features may also affect your decision on which fridge freezer to buy…

temperature guide

Fast freeze:

A fast freeze function locks in vitamins and taste. Bread is also better when frozen quickly. Foods will taste great when defrosted.

Air-flow cooling:

vents in the fridge and freezer compartments help quickly restore air temperatures quickly when doors have been opened.

Quick chill:

Allows you to cool any fresh food quickly, helping the food to retain nutrients.

Antibacterial seals:

Prevent bacteria from forming and entering the fridge – thus keeping your food fresher for longer.

Flexible temperature zones:

Some high-end freezer models have a super-fresh zone. Fresh meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables last almost twice as long.

So, there you have it. We’ve given you quite a bit of info about fridge freezers – now it’s up to you to decide the type of model you want, and what you’d really like it to do for you. Check out the Ebuyer range now!

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