Laptops : Why you need to spend MORE on one

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Looking at Laptops

It’s easy to be drawn to the cheapest laptops when you’re looking for a new machine. After all, if you’re in a shop, they all look pretty much the same visually. All perfectly clean, all about the same size and all shouting out ‘Take me home!’ There doesn’t seem to be much difference – apart from the price tags.

Many cheaper laptops are absolutely fine if you want a basic device to do basic things. By spending less on your laptop forces you to give up many of the tangible benefits. Here’s why you should pay more.

Laptops and life

Durable goods. This is a term you’ll learn if you do an economics class. A durable good is something which proves its worth over a long period of time. If you are prepared to pay more then you’ll be rewarded over and over again. Think about this. Every single time you use your laptop, you’ll benefit from spending more. It will be better, faster, and save you time every single day. It’s a continuous benefit.


Laptops for leisure

Research in the USA reveals that people spend an average of 27 minutes per day on their laptops for leisure. So, if you had a laptop for three years, you’d spend around 450 hours on your machine just for leisure. Any time spent actually working on your computer is not part of this statistic. So basically, your laptop is a major part of your life, so spending a hundred pounds or so seems wreckless.

Picture perfect

If you are spending 450 hours in three years on leisure alone, and many will spend much more than that, then you’ll need a top-quality display screen as you’ll probably watch movies or gaming. Cheap laptops tend to have some of the worst displays of all modern electronic devices. When looking for a new laptop, the minimum standard resolution you should look for is 1080p. Absolute minimum.

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Battery life

Companies often cut battery life to make sure they can sell laptops at a low price. Batteries are expensive, and there’s nothing in place to make sure manufacturers are telling the truth when it comes to battery life. Ideally you should look for a battery that gives a minimum of six hours life. You don’t want to lose power in the middle of a train journey when your half way through a movie or just about to defeat your enemy in game.

SSD for definite

SSD (Sold State Drive) is the most important single factor in a laptop’s performance. They have amazing access times as data starts flowing in a few milliseconds. You really do need to have SSD, but if the laptops which have it are out of your budget, then you can compromise and buy a laptop that can easily be upgraded. A laptop that cannot be upgraded to an SSD will feel outdated very, very quickly. You’ll thank us if you take this advice, as your computer will make Usain Bolt look slow, and will save you so much time.

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Process this…

If you’re buying a new machine, you want to be able to hold on to it for at least three years. You need to go for a system with an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor to give yourself enough power to crunch videos and spreadsheets today while also future-proofing you again for the coming innovations. If you can afford it, you must go for the minimum of at least an Intel Core i5.


We’re not telling you to spend money for the sake of it, we’re suggesting you spend money on a laptop that’s excellent in the important areas you need. Then you can work safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the features you need, from a model that won’t be outdated before you know it.

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