The worst area for business theft across the UK

Business theft

Business theft – the shocking facts

Business theft is on the rise across the UK, and new research, carried out by us, has revealed the authorities which are seeing the largest increases.

We sent out Freedom of Information requests to police constabularies across the country to look at business thefts over the last three years. The study found that since 2015 there has been a 9% increase in the number of reported thefts affecting businesses. General crime figures are also booming.

Cleveland Police Force, in north east England, saw the largest rise in such crimes, with a staggering 3,292% increase over the three year period, with 1,323 reported thefts last year compared to just 39 in 2015.

Business theft

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The rise in business crime is seen across the UK. Out of the 23 police constabularies that responded to the data request, 19 (83%) experienced increases in business-related thefts between 2015 and 2018.

The top five constabularies which have seen the largest increases in business theft are:
1. Cleveland Police (3,292%)
2. Dorset Police (1,757%)
3. Durham Police (1,640%)
4. Dyfed-Powys Police (704%)
5. Surrey Police (659%)

To help protect against business crime, we’ve put together five useful tips to follow:

Carry out a risk assessment – A thorough risk assessment is important to identify where you are most vulnerable, so you can protect against theft.

Secure your premises – install CCTV, security lighting, fit window locks and strengthen doors. Most burglaries carried out are unplanned and so these visible, extra security measures could help to deter criminals.

Business theft

Secure your equipment – tag computers and record details of serial numbers on office technology and carry out regular property and equipment audits to keep track of valuables.

Stop information theft – Protect sensitive information on computers by using access controls to restrict entry. Regularly review who has access privileges and keep changing passwords.

Shred sensitive paper waste – Install filing cabinets with a lock fitted to store personal or confidential information and make sure you use a shredder to dispose of the information.

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