AlphaSync Desktop PCs

Custom built PCs for gamers and home users looking for fast out of the box performance

Ebuyer are excited to stock a new range of custom built desktop PCs from an adventurous new brand. The AlphaSync range of high-specification gaming and power-user PCs are exclusive to Ebuyer. You can’t buy them anywhere else.

AlphaSync custom build all their PCs, providing exceptional value for money. Their gaming PCs include the fastest processors and graphics cards, and come with large capacity hard drives or superfast SSDs.

alphasync pc

But AlphaSync desktop PCs aren’t just for gamers. Their powerful performance makes them ideal home computers – they load fast, stream movies like lightning and have masses of storage for files, photos and movies.

alphasync ruby
AlphaSync Ruby Ryzen 5

Room for a desktop?

Desktop PCs used to be housed in huge cases which took up half a room. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration but it explains why laptops became so popular. But desktops have changed. Of course you still can’t chuck one in a bag and whip it out in a coffee shop… That’s not what they’re for.

But modern desktop PCs are much smaller than just a few years ago. They can fit easily into any space and what’s more that boring black box is also a thing of the past.

AlphaSync computers are compact and look anything but boring. With their wonderfully styled cases and incredible lighting they look amazing.

alphasync pc

Looks aren’t everything

The new AlphaSync desktops are stunning. But peek inside the case and you’ll see they are super-high spec PCs. The latest Intel and AMD Ryzen processors provide the power with NVIDIA graphics ensuring the latest games are displayed exactly as their designers intended. High-capacity hard drives and super-fast SSDs with masses of RAM ensure AlphaSync delivers unrivalled performance.

Custom built PCs

AlphaSync computers are all hand built to order by a dedicated team of PC builders. Between them they have over 20 years in the industry and all their experience and know-how is poured into every PC they build.

Each PC is thoroughly tested and only packed for shipping when the team are convinced the PC is 100% ready for the customer. The AlphaSync attention to detail even extends to the packaging they use to ship their computers. Each PC is carefully boxed in specially designed packaging to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.

alphasync pc
AlphaSync Core i9
AlphaSync Core i9

Such is AlphaSync’s confidence in the quality of their custom built PCs, all desktops come with a three year warranty as standard.

More about AlphaSync custom built PCs

A surprising thing about AlphaSync is the cost. Entry level PCs are available from around £600. Yet these computers include Ryzen processors, 1TB HDDS and 120GB SSDs. So, although the price may be low the specification is high.

At the higher end AlphaSync PCs boost amazing performance. If you’re a serious gamer or power user you need to check out the full AlphaSync range. Remember AlphaSync PCs are available exclusively from Ebuyer. You can see every one of their PCs here.

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