Back to School Tech – must-have items!

Back to School Tech

Kids need their ‘Back to School’ tech

It’s the time of year where’s parents have mixed emotions. On the one hand they’re relieved that the kids won’t be moaning about being bored again, or continually asking for money, but on the other hand stressed about all the money they need to spend to get their back to school tech.

The good news is that there are some great tech bargains to be had, especially at this time of the year when those summer sales are trying to tempt you.

We’ve put together a selection of great value ‘Back to School’ tech items that will help your child’s school experience be positive, without too much stress on your purse or wallet.


Now is the time to get that laptop before the prices go back up. There are some fabulous computers available which are perfect for school work and leisure, combined.

Back to School Tech

The Lenovo S330

The Lenovo S330 is a terrific laptop with lots of memory and power and is capable of handling any school project with total ease. It’s also durable, has in-built security and is perfect for games, movies and books, and is just the right size to fit in a standard school bag or child’s rucksack.

Take a look at Ebuyer’s full range of computers, there’s something for everyone.

USB sticks

The bottom of a kid’s school bag can be a dangerous place, with all sorts of germs, rogue crisps and sweet wrappers lurking about. A rugged USB stick can be very useful to make sure their data is always safe. We love the awesome-looking Transcend Jetflash V70 USB stick which protects against shock, liquids, dust and other pollutants. Shame it doesn’t protect against a teenager’s bedroom!

Back to School tech

The Transcend Jetflash V70 USB stick

Emergency mobiles

We know, you don’t want your child on their phone all day long – especially at school. But having even one of the cheapest phones with them for emergencies is always a good idea, especially as the nights begin to draw in and the weather gets worse as winter approaches. Have a look at our full range, but a current favourite of ours in the Nokia 105 which is the perfect, value-for-money phone for those emergencies. It’s easy to use, easy on your budget, with an extra-long battery life.

If your child needs a new, more up-market phone, then click here to see the full range.

Nokia 105

The Nokia 105

Power Banks

There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of charge. And a good Power Bank is always useful to charge you phone, tablet or other devices. You can guarantee your child will run out of power when it’s needed the most, so you can relax knowing they have spare charge stuffed into their rucksack!

Try the Aukey 7000 mAh power bank. It’s cheap, sturdy and packs the power needed to avert all those emergencies.


“Have you got any homework?” is the most used phrase in the UK between 5 and 6pm. OK, we’ve made that up, but if there was any research done, this phrase would be right up there. Homework projects usually entail printing on a regular basis, and if you don’t have a printer then it could cause issues as your child may have to get into school early to use theirs.

Back to School Tech

The HP ENVY 5010

The good news is that printers are still really cheap, and the inks you put in them last longer and are more cost-effective than ever. Most printers now print pages for just a few pence each.

The HP ENVY 5010 All-in-One printer allows you to print, copy and scan with ease. It’s simple to set up, produces high-quality text and vivid colour. Highly recommended. Check out the full range by clicking here.

Inks and paper

If you’re buying a printer, don’t forget the all-important inks and paper.
We recommend you buy genuine printer ink for your printer, as those cheap inks you see advertised often cause problems and can clog up your printer, making your warranty void. The quality of printing they offer is often inferior too.

Click here to visit the full range of Ebuyer Back to School Top Tech Deals.

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