Best Festivals still to come this summer & Best Festival Tech

Best festivals

Best Festivals still to come this summer

Don’t start getting all miserable thinking that the summer is more or less over already. There’s still a long way to go, and still quite a few fabulous music festivals to go to.
We’re taking you on a quick and quirky trip across the country to see what’s still available to you. And we’re also going to suggest a few tech items you might need to make the whole experience more memorable!

Aug 16-18th The Rewind Festival, Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield

Best festivals

Bananarama in action!

As the name suggests, this festival features acts from the distant and more recent past. Bananarama, Gloria Gaynor, Level 42, Tiffany and others will be turning back the years and trying to make their hair look like it did in the old days.

Tech Tip: Don’t take your expensive iPhone to a festival. The chances are you will lose it. Get yourself a cheap mobile – and there are lots to choose from between £10 and £30 – including some great Nokia phones. It makes perfect sense.

Aug 15-18 We Out Here Festival, Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire

Brilliant saxophonist Gary Bartz headlines this funky gathering where you’ll be treated to styles ranging from Jazz to Techno. If you suffer from migraines, this festival probably isn’t for you.

Tech Tip: Don’t leave home without a Power Bank. Wherever you go, you’ll need that vital power to connect with the outside world. Power Banks are the answer and Ebuyer has some excellent Power Bank models which won’t require you taking out a loan!

Aug 16-19th Tribfest, Sledmere House, Driffield. East Yorkshire

This is the festival for tribute acts and there will be 54 of them this year along with lots of other entertainment. The Antarctic Monkeys (Arctic Monkeys Tribute), Gren Date (Green Day Tribute) and the Kopycat Killers (Killers Tribute) will all be there, pretending.

Best festivals

Someone pretending to be that annoying one out of Oasis

Tribute acts are quite popular these days, and it seems they are all trying to think of witty names for their acts. Well how about these that we’ve just made up: The Rolling Clones, FABBA, The Three Degrees (or 37.4 Fahrenheit as they are better known!), The Who-Cares? The Human League of Gentlemen, oh this is getting stupid now…

Fun fact: There was once an Indian Elvis impersonator from Huddersfield with the best tribute-name ever. He was called Elvis Patel-vis. True.

Tech Tip: Backpacks. OK, technically, this isn’t a ‘tech’ item, but it’s still really important – and you will need something to carry your tech items in. Many festivals require you to trek a long way from your tent to see your favourite band, and you’ll need essential supplies: Water, mobile, charger, hand-wipes, dreamcatcher, spare underwear, loo roll – you get the idea!

Aug 23-25th Reading & Leeds Festivals

Two of the biggest festivals in the UK which this year feature The1975, Bastille and the Foo Fighters. Other highlights include the fabulous light-shows, the Asian food market, and the 3-hour queues for the Portaloos.

Best festivals

Don’t forget yer loo roll!

Tech Tip: Wireless Headphones. We know what you’re thinking. You’re going to a music festival to listen to music, so why do you need noise-cancelling headphones? Because after a few hours of constant noise, you’ll really thank us for the advice. Plus, you can listen to music straight from your phone, if you decided you really must take your iPhone with you. And how about a waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – perfect for back in your tent or during those times between bands…

Aug 23-25th The Victorious Festival, Portsmouth

The Specials, The Vaccines and Two Door Cinema Club are some of the bands strutting their stuff this year. At last year’s event, all the toilet rolls were stolen. The authorities never did get to the bottom of it.

Tech Tip: Selfie Stick. These are very popular at festivals when you want to get your favourite band performing behind you.

If you fancy a trip to any of these festivals, make sure you check ticket availability first or you may be disappointed!

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