Best TVs to tackle the Rugby Union World Cup

Best TVs to watch the World Cup

Best TVs to watch the rugby world cup…

30 huge men with muscular thighs running around together and jumping on top of each other sounds like a typical lunchtime in the Ebuyer canteen when the chips are ready, and from September 20th it’s going to happen in your own lounge – as that’s when the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup kicks off in Japan.

What a spectacle it’s going to be… but only if you’re watching it on a decent telly! What are the best TVs to enjoy the tournament?

There are some fabulous TV’s out there at fabulous prices. We’re going to welcome you in to our friendly scrum and if you leave it holding an odd-shaped ball and a 4K TV, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

Best TVs to watch the rugby

So, what should you look for?

A combination of the following will give the very best seat in the house: Size, resolution, brightness, fast-motion handling, and wide viewing angles.

Brightness: Bright is beautiful. Most content these days targets 1,000 nits of brightness, so try and get a set which can reach these limits. It doesn’t matter how great all the colours are, if your TV doesn’t have sufficient brightness, then your picture will look dull and dark. Anything from 500 nits and upwards is extremely good.

Size: Go large. Buy as big a TV as you can afford because sporting spectacles look amazing on a big screen. The good news is that large screens aren’t anywhere near as expensive as they used to be.

4K Resolution: A 4K resolution TV is an absolute must. The Rugby World Cup can be experienced in thrilling 4K for the first time, so get ready to be blown away by the crystal-clear details. Other sporting events are not yet broadcast in 4K, but with a 4K TV you’re future-proofed for the coming years.

Best TVs to watch the World Cup

The Samsung RU 7100 50″

High re-fresh rates: You need smoother action and clarity when watching high-speed sports such as rugby union – especially when cameras follow the movement of a ball. Higher-frame rates mean you’re almost part of the action. All TVs have a refresh rate of at least 60Hz, as this is the broadcast standard. 60Hz is really excellent and anything up to 120Hz is perfect for fast motion programmes such as sport. For non-sport programmes where people are interacting, such as dramas, comedies and news programmes etc, switch back to 60Hz as anything higher than this can produce a surreal effect, making the footage appear strangely fast and this can be unsettling.

Viewing angles: If you’re expecting a full house for certain games, then everyone in your living room will get a great view of the action with wide viewing angles. They’ll feel like they’re actually in the scrum, and when the pizzas come out, they will be! However, if you select a TV that doesn’t have wide viewing angles, then people who are watching from the sides may experience a ‘darker’ picture towards the edges, which is not good.

Hisense TV

The Hisense 65″ Smart 4K HD TV

Which TVs fit the bill?

Well you can’t go wrong with a Samsung TV, and we can recommend the RU7100 43” and 65” models along with the Samsung RU7400 50” TV. They all have fantastic picture quality and brightness and are extremely popular with sports fans.

One of our most popular 4K TVs at the moment is the Hisense H65AE6100UK 65″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV. It’s a high-end TV at a price which is hard to beat.

The truth is that all 4K TVs are brilliant quality, and you’ll be able to enjoy the Rugby World Cup on any of them, as technology has advanced so much in the last ten years. Take a look at our full range of 4K TVs – you’ll be amazed at our prices! By the time the World Cup starts on September 20th you’ll be sitting comfortably, ready to celebrate that inevitable victory by New Zealand!

Remember, the World Cup runs from September 20th to November 2nd.

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