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Do you have problems finding the replacement ink or toner cartridges you need for your printer?

You’re not alone. Many of us are in the same boat. It’s not surprising. There’s so many to choose from it’s sometimes difficult to track down exactly what you need. On the Ebuyer website there’s over 2,000 different inks and almost as many toner cartridges too.  But the good news it’s just got easier to find the cartridges you need.

ink and toner toolWe’ve released a great new tool on the Ebuyer site. Our ink and toner finder helps you find the ink or toner you need for your printer. And it’s so easy to use.

If you know the make of your printer and model enter the details into each section of the tool. A predictive drop down menu will appear when you start typing. Select the correct result then click ‘go’. You’ll be taken instantly to the ink or toner cartridges you need for your printer.

Step 1 – Choose the brand of your printer
Step 2 – choose the range
Step 3 – choose your printer
Step 4 – Buy your ink or toner

But you can also search by the brand of your printer. So don’t worry if you don’t know the exact model. Just select the brand from the drop down menu, click ‘go’ and you’ll be taken to a results page showing all the popular models from your chosen brand.

Click on the image of your printer to be taken to the ink or toner cartridges you need.

To find inkjet cartridges for your printer click here.

To find toner cartridges for your printer click here.

* Prices correct at time of posting.


  1. Hi Shevek, thanks for the feedback. Sorry about that, it’s a new tool and we’re still working on making it perfect. I’ve passed your comment onto the tech guys who will make sure the tool is updated ASAP.

    Thanks again 🙂


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