Groundhog Day and weird things our American friends celebrate

groundhog day

Groundhog Day and other ‘unusual’ days in the US of A.

We British have a reputation for being a bit quirky when it comes to our sense of humour which can be a little surreal, but guess what? The American’s actually have a sense of humour too. Yes, it’s hard to believe! Groundhog Day is perhaps the most famous day that we are aware of in the UK, so we’ve decided to both educate and amuse by putting together a selection of National Days in the USA to celebrate the unusual… and before you ask, yes, they are all true.

January 2nd National Cream Puff Day

Yes, a whole day committed to stuffing your face with cream puffs. But is one day per year really sufficient? National Cream Puff Fortnight sounds much better to us.

January 28th  National Bubblewrap Appreciation Day

A day when the whole nation can sit back and pop those little air-pockets to its hearts content. Once you’ve used up all your bubblewrap, you can knock on the door of your padded cell and ask for some more!

groundhog day piece

Feb 2nd National Groundhog Day

We’ve all seen the movie where that fella wakes up and everyday seems exactly the same. Well he should try working at Ebuyer! Er… Just joking, obviously.

Feb 5th National Shower with a Friend Day

What better way to save water than to shower with a friend? Well, it actually depends who the friend is. Here’s a bit of good advice before you share a shower with a friend. Put your soap on a rope. It avoids any embarrassing mid-shower faux-pas.

March 15th National Shoe of the World Day

You may be wondering why it’s ‘Shoe’ of the World Day, and not ‘Shoes?’ And so are we. And another thing, they haven’t stipulated what size shoe they are actually celebrating! A size 9 would be popular. Size 11, less so.

August 1st National Yorkshire Day

This is where the Americans all walk around sucking humbugs, talking about the size of Yorkshire puddings, and the annoying traffic jams on the A64 to Scarborough on a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Groundhog day

Yorkshire puddings

Oct 9th Stop Bullying Day

We’re not sure if that means you just have to stop it for one day and then can resume the following one, or whether it means stop it completely.

Dec 5th National Ninja Day

We have no idea what to make of this.

Dec 16th National Chocolate-covered-anything Day

This is more like it. Get anything you like (within reason – you know what we’re saying!), dunk it in chocolate, and Bob’s yer uncle – instant happiness!

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