Why A Keyboard And Mouse Upgrade Won’t Hurt Your Bank (Or Your Hands)

keyboards and mice

Time for a keyboard and mouse upgrade?

We’ve all been there. Gleefully ripping open the box to your brand new desktop, not giving a care for the polystyrene and not caring about the little warranty card that it comes with. “I’ll sort that later,” you’ll say and once you’ve untangled all the leads, plugged it into a monitor, you scramble for a keyboard and mouse to begin using your monster PC with.

Not to worry! The manufacturer has you sorted! You rip open the little cardboard box and the included keyboard and mouse set provides you with a gateway into your latest computer.

It’s now a few months down the line. You’re sitting there typing away at work’s latest project. You’re working out of hours. Want to impress the boss. Maybe a pay rise is in order? The clock dings. It’s eleven. Must. Type. One. More. Line. Your hands are straining. Your eyes are fatigued. And the less said about your wrists, the better. It’s an early onset of Starter Keyboard Disorder. It comes to the best of us.

Luckily for all you PC users out there thinking about a new keyboard and mouse, CHERRY have got you covered for a worthwhile upgrade to complement your shiny new computer.

Wired Keyboards


Our first option is specifically designed for office usage and is a workhorse – the CHERRY STREAM 3.0. Laser-etched keycaps provide an extra layer of robustness and quality when compared to your typical set that arrived with your new PC, meaning that they will NEVER wear off. You’ll never get to the stage of “What letter is that meant to be?” as many of us have done in the past.

keyboards and mice

What’s more, it’s designed for continuous usage, with a guarantee of over 20 million keystrokes. That should be enough to suit all your clacking needs. A nice little bonus feature is its spill-resistance. We’ve all had a case of sticky keys at least once in our lifetime, but worry no more about spilling your beloved artisan coffee! The CHERRY STREAM 3.0 will just let it run through the specially designed holes.


For a little bit more, you could have the KC 6000 SLIM, that boasts an enhanced scissor mechanism to ensure that each keystroke doesn’t feel like a wet sponge when pressed. Its integrated metal plate ensures sturdiness and a premium feel that should go hand in hand with that new desktop set.

An ultra-flat design, combined with its quiet keystroke, means that you’re not likely to disrupt your workmates during a session of heavy typing when you’ve got to get that presentation done for the board meeting.

Keyboard and mouse

The Cherry K6000 slim also comes in black

The six additional multimedia keys add an extra dimension of practicality to your online life, saving you copious amounts of time when looking through on-screen menus to desperately find that calculator. Status LEDS for the Caps Lock, Num and Scroll Lock keys also make life that little bit easier.


Unlike the other two products above, the MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT 1.0 is CHERRY’s flagship mechanical model, boasting a choice of either MX Brown or MX Red Silent switches. The Browns offer a soft tactile feeling, worlds apart from membrane models supplied with every PC. They give a comfortable, finger-friendly feeling with a small bump halfway down the keystroke. Unlike the Browns, the MX Red Silents offer a linear switch with no form of tactility. However, they are a fair bit quieter than the other switches with sound dampeners in place to make them a little friendlier to those in the workplace.

Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight

The Cherry MX Board 1.0 Backlight

In conjunction with this, the CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT offers white illumination beneath the black keycaps, contrasting them nicely and its sturdy plastic housing means it’s pretty much indestructible. Moreover, it features three-step adjustable plastic feet for non-slip grip, meaning it won’t be slipping across your desk anytime soon.

CHERRY offers a wide variety of computer peripheral solutions and when a change of keyboard is needed, look no further than the options we provide. They’re all made with the German hallmark of quality and offer everything you could ever need from a keyboard.

Wired Mice


Our first and most cost effective option, the CHERRY MC 1000 offers unparalleled quality at its cost. Its symmetrical design means it’s suitable for both left and right-handed users and a standard size means that it won’t be anything out of the ordinary to use.

keyboard and mouse

The Cherry MC 1000 also available in grey

What’s more, a 1200 DPI resolution should be perfect for precise working, be it at privately or in an office environment. The CHERRY MC 1000 also comes in a choice of black or pale-grey, so you can be both simple and stylish. That’ll go nicely with the new desktop.


For a little extra, CHERRY offers the GENTIX SILENT, a corded mouse that is optimised for the quieter work environments due its special no-click buttons, reducing the somewhat annoying clicking noise of a typical mouse. Due to its abrasion-proof surface finish, the CHERRY GENTIX SILENT is also pleasant to touch and its rubber-coated side panels allow for optimal grip.

Cherry Mouse

The Cherry Gentix Silent

With a 1000 DPI resolution, precision is the focus once again and in addition, an extra-long 1.8m USB cable means you’ll never be straining or fighting with the mouse.


Continuing on in the GENTIX range, is the GENTIX 4K. It builds on the work of the GENTIX SILENT, featuring the same high-precision optical sensor, but now comes with a 4-stage switch to change your DPI – 800, 1200, 2400, 3600. This higher DPI makes it perfect for usage with higher resolution monitors as no quality is compromised.

Keyboards and mice

The Cherry Gentix 4K

Like the GENTIX SILENT, the 4K features the same abrasion-proof surface finish and rubber-coated side sections to make it comfortable in-hand. It features six mouse buttons, including two side buttons and one on the top so the DPI changes are on-the-fly.

Once again, CHERRY have got you sorted in terms of wired mouse solutions for the office, offering a range of products for a range of needs and tastes. It’s a no-brainer to buy one of these.

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