Why A Wireless Upgrade Would Save You Money

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Time For Change? – Why an upgrade to wireless would save you money

So you’ve had your computer a little while now and something hits you: Wires. Who needs them? “It’s 2019 and we’re still using wired products; what am I thinking?”

You pondered the prospect of switching to a wireless set a while ago, but didn’t feel like it at the time. But, as you sit there in your glitzy silver office, the glass desk sumptuously reflecting your coffee glass and white desktop PC, it hits you.

You need something more stylish to fit your office lifestyle. Your software sanctuary. Your hardware home. It’s calling for some new friends to click and clack with.

“Freedom!”, you yell, like Mel Gibson in Braveheart as that wonderful feeling of liberation hits you. You can type and point anywhere you like with one of CHERRY’s wireless mice or desktop sets. Go on, treat yourself.

Wireless Mice


The first wireless mouse in this little selection, the CHERRY MW 2400, is optimised for professional use in any workplace, bringing in precision and reliability, all bundled in a classic design. The MW 2400, with its wireless 2.4 GHz technology, gives you freedom with its 10 metre range and its plug and play via a USB receiver, which makes it one of the most convenient mice out there.

A high-precision optical sensor with a 1200 DPI resolution makes it easy to control and its symmetrical design brings ease of use for both left and right-handed people. There’s also a battery status indicator on the mouse, meaning you’re never in the dark over the battery life.

wireless tech

The Cherry MV 2400


For a little extra, the CHERRY MW 3000 offers a whole host of new features. It comes with six buttons, meaning you can perform functions without having to dash over to the keyboard. The 10 metre range offered by the 2.4 GHz Nano USB receiver means you can control your device with ease and the receiver can be kept neatly in any device permanently. Great for those on-the-go.

In addition, its adjustable resolution from 1000 up to 1750 DPI gives you that little bit extra freedom if you want the cursor to move a little faster across the screen and its optical sensor means you’ll never have anything less than the most precise. The CHERRY MW 3000 is optimised for use with the right hand and comes with rubber grips on the side of the mouse to make it the most comfortable it can be. If used correctly, the standard AA batteries will also last for up to two years between changes, meaning you’ll never be short of power.

Wireless mouse

The Cherry MW 3000


The most feature-packed mouse out of this selection, the MW 8 ERGO is also the newest addition to CHERRY’s MW 8 family of mice. Unlike the other two mice mentioned here, the MW 8 ERGO is specifically designed with comfort in mind. It’s ideal for those with larger hands, but gives superior handling whatever your hand size. The integrated thumb-rest allows for fatigue-free work, especially in conjunction with the unique rubber padding on the side.

Also unlike the other two, it can be connected through either Bluetooth or that same 2.4 GHz wireless unit, but both comes with AES-128 encryption, meaning that every input is protected. The MW 8 ERGO is also equipped with an optical sensor that can be adjusted to four different DPI stages up to 3200, along with the ability to work on pretty much all surfaces, including glass, which is a fantastic bonus. Coupled with all this, the mouse is equipped with lithium polymer batteries, which are simply recharged using the supplied micro-USB cable, even whilst still working.

wireless tech

The Cherry MW 8 Ergo

Wireless Desktop Sets


The most cost-effective desktop set that CHERRY offers, the DW 3000, comes with an exemplary price/performance ratio, complete with a modern and sleek design, and durable laser-etched, wear-resistant keys.

There are four hotkeys present to save moments trawling through Windows menus, along with a lifespan of up to ten million keystrokes meaning that you won’t need to replace your peripherals in a hurry. Battery status displays on both the mouse and keyboard means that you’re not in the dark when it comes to the lifespan with the CHERRY DW 3000 desktop set.

The 1200 DPI present on the mouse gives you ample resolution during ordinary day-to-day use and a whisper keystroke means that you won’t be annoying any colleagues any time soon.

keyboard and mouse set

The Cherry DW 3000 desktop set


For a little extra, the DW 5100 is the next step up in CHERRY’s range of desktop sets. It offers a robust office keyboard with ten additional keys that offer an extra dimension to its practicality, along with a staggering two year battery life.

The six button mouse comes complete with an optical sensor and adjustable resolution between 1000 and 1750 DPI means that it’s speedy and easy to use. Abrasion-proof, laser-etched keycap lettering means that they won’t wear off any time soon.

What’s more, the 2.4 GHz wireless technology gives both the mouse and keyboard a range of up to ten metres, which should be plenty.

wireless desktop sets

The Cherry DW 5100 desktop set


CHERRY’s flagship desktop set, the new DW 9000 SLIM comes in as the most sleek and stylish product in this rundown, complete with a choice of colours between white and silver or black and gold. The metal plate running through the keyboard means it minimises ‘desk flex’ and is sturdily built. Laser-etched keycaps also add an extra layer robustness and build quality, giving the desktop set a feeling of permanence and longevity.

In addition, the choice of connecting either with Bluetooth or a 2.4 GHz wireless unit gives you that little bit more freedom. Both come with AES-128 encryption meaning that all of your data and inputs are safely guarded from the outside world.

The mouse comes three-step adjustable resolution up to 1600 DPI which should be plenty for all your office needs and an extra small nano receiver means that the connector won’t get in the way.

desktop sets

The Cherry DW 9000 slim desktop set


In conclusion, CHERRY have got you covered when it comes to wireless desktops and mice, whatever your requirements. There’s options to suit every need and budget and you’ll be hard pressed to find better quality products at similar price points.

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