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home network security

Protecting your kids is becoming more apparent these days from all aspects of life, and increasingly this means protecting them online! We have the answers to your home network security concerns…

How often are you concerned about what your children get up to and who they are talking to on the internet?

Sometimes it’s not just a matter of showing concern or remembering, but not having any tools or online knowledge to do such monitoring. A study in the UK (Middlesex University & NSPCC) showed that over 53% of children from the age of 11 to 16 have clicked on to adult material or accidentally clicked on to it!

Synology have traditionally strived to provide great storage solutions to keep your data safe, and have recently entered the router market, bringing their expertise to secure not just data but your entire network.

The latest addition to their range is a brilliant mesh router called the MR200ac, a tri-band router with great built-in features. Let’s look at how Synology have approached the challenge of making home network security easy and straight forward.

First Mesh router with WP3:

home network security

WPA3 is an efficient and stronger protocol that has only been around since 2018 and proving to be a sturdy deterrent against the those who want to bring harm to your network. Since we are moving at a fast pace with technology at the forefront of modern society needs, Synology decided to implement this into their innovative router range.

Safe Access and Parental Controls:

So, let’s talk about more amazing features that Synology has to offer; Safe Access. This is a free software with added features. This gives users full control from a user-friendly interface to an easy to use mobile app that you can monitor on the go even if you are away on holiday. Surely this must come at a cost when in-fact, it doesn’t it is FREE to use with no hidden charges. You are probably wondering how else I can protect my family or workplace; with the parental controls you can set up individual profiles to monitor and fully protect them from unwanted sites. It’s the ultimate in home network security.

Safe Access and Parental Controls benefits:

This will gives you real time updates so peace of mind, easy user interface, parental controls console with ease of access, event logs to see what has gone on, mobile access from anywhere in the world and time scheduling for when to disconnect those who have been on the Wi-Fi far too long.

All in One Solution:

Synology as a company has implemented the safe access and parental controls pre-built in to your system that will always keep your family safe, this is their ALL IN ONE solution to protecting you first time and every time. Generally, with broadband providers you buy their router that has a basic system that allows you to go on the internet and start browsing then you would have to buy additional services like anti-virus or additional hardware to keep your internet safe, which you will have to keep up to date making sure you have the latest version every time which can be time consuming. Synology SRM (Synology Router Manager) automatically keeps your system update without anybody interacting with the software or clicking the button.

Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT):

Security is a priority for Synology, not just in the process of developing their products, but also in ensuring the software evolves top handle the latest threats. Upon receiving a vulnerability report, they strive to make a preliminary assessment with 8 hours, fix within a day and release a patch in due time. You might be wondering how security updates get pushed to customers so fast? The company has a dedicated team who works in the background called Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). The PSIRT will manage the receipt, investigations, coordination and public reporting of security vulnerability information regarding Synology products.

Synology has also been admitted to MITRE, the organisation which handles CNA/CVE, meaning they are the best position to solve issues identified on their platform the most efficiently possible.

Finally, they have set up a bounty programme to allow anyone who is good at code break and bug reporting a chance to find any issues within the Synology OS on their units, you are probably wondering how will that benefit us, for starters this will allow any major bugs or critical issues to be found and resolved before any of Synology customers ever see them. All the data collected then get collocated which is then seen by all their support teams in the different office across the world.

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