Can security cameras really protect your home?

Security cameras

4 Key Features for Security Cameras by TP-Link

It’s National Home Security Month! So, to better prepare for those longer nights ahead, we at TP-Link thought it’d be nice to go a little deeper into a few of the features you commonly find with your security cameras at home and on store shelves.

Pan Tilt

One of the simplest ways to keep your home safe is by keeping an eye on it. Unfortunately, no security camera solution comes without blind spots. While there’s no way to completely eliminate them, they can be minimised, and having a camera that moves (particularly when it’s controllable) does exactly that. The pan tilt feature in cameras normally allows for 350°+ horizontal and 105°+ vertical views, surveilling most areas unseen by fixed-angle cams. Pan tilt cameras are great for open spaces and covering multiple angles with only one device.

Our Kasa Spot Pan Tilt (KC110) maxes out its horizontal at 360° and provides 118° tilt, giving you a little extra range of motion to ensure full views. With all-round rotation, you can place a pan tilt camera centrally in a room and not only see every way in and out, but also track any person of interest—whether they have two legs or four.

security cameras

Magnetic Base

Nothing’s scarier than the phrase: ‘Home Security Installation’. You can imagine all those professionals drilling a hole in your pocket. Obviously, you can save yourself a lot of headache (and wallet-ache?) if you can just stick your camera up somewhere without drilling, mounting, screwing, and wiring. The magnetic base feature makes that perfectly possible by allowing for easy installation wherever there’s a metal surface. Spectacular if you don’t want to worry about drilling holes into walls before realising you put the camera in an obstructed location.

The Kasa Cam (KC120) comes with a magnetic base. Simply stick it to your fridge for angles around your kitchen. While it might help you catch whoever’s sneaking some treats, it can also help secure kitchens that have accessways out back.

Security cameras

Activity Zones

Often, instant notifications are your only way to start taking action. However, you might find yourself ignoring these alerts with typical cameras set off by anything and everything that triggers their motion sensors, like the gently falling leaves of autumn. Granted, you might be a bird-enthusiast and would love hundreds of notices for every single blue tit, starling, robin, jackdaw, pigeon, etc. that happens to fly by…

…But for most of us, this is where activity zones come into play.

You can designate specific areas where your camera will focus its attention. Rather than alert you whenever someone moves around your living room, for example, maybe the camera will send out notifications when it spots someone prowling just outside your front window area.

Our Kasa Spot (KC100) allows you to set up to 4 activity zones for free. Be ready to act when the camera picks up action happening around your home.

security cameras


While you can position any camera to look outside a window, the chance of blocked and/or unclear views rises substantially. Outdoor cameras are definitely the ideal solution for security outside your home. After all, the earlier you spot danger, the more you can safely prepare or act.

The Kasa Cam Outdoor (KC200) features an IP (Ingress Protection) 65 Rating. This means KC200s are considered ‘dust tight’, allowing no dust and other particulates to enter. IP65 also refers to moisture protection: rain and low-pressure streams of water from any angle will not harm the camera.

Just because weatherproof cameras offer great protection from the outdoors, always make sure you perform routine checks to guarantee optimal performance. There’s no better time to check than now.



To best decide which feature will benefit your home security the most, you will need to take stock of your unique situation. What kinds of areas do you feel concerned about? What possible locations are there for you to place your cameras? All of these questions and more might help you decide on your best pathway to a secure home.

We all wish you a safe and happy October!

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