Indian students get in a flap during exams. You couldn’t make it up!

Indian students

Indian students get ahead

No, you don’t have to make this story up because it’s completely true. An official at a school in India has had to apologise after making students wear cardboard boxes on their heads during exams to stop them spying on other people’s work. The Indian students were even asked to bring in their own boxes.

Boxing clever

The bizarre incident took place at Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri, Karnataka state.

The boxes each had a square cut out at the front so students could see their own work. We have no information on whether the students had to keep the box on their head if they went to the toilet. And what did they do if they needed to scratch their heads?

Indian students

Boxy McBoxface. Why is the guy at the front wearing a box – he’s not even sitting next to anyone!


MB Satish told the BBC that the school only implemented the measure on an “experimental basis” after hearing that the hi-tech anti-cheating method had been used elsewhere.

He also said it had been done with the student’s consent. But maybe they’d written the answers on the inside of their own boxes? Had they thought of that?

After an outcry, the school have said they’ve now ended the experiment. He didn’t say if the experiment had been a success. The Indian students now do exams without a box on their heads. Result!

SC Peerjade, deputy director of the local pre-University Education Board described the practice as “inhumane”.


The school faced widespread criticism on social media and even government ministers had their say. The state education minister, S. Suresh Kumar said in a tweet that the school’s practice was “unacceptable”.

Anyway, we shouldn’t be too critical as the school faced a widespread cheating scandal last year which led to ‘innovative’ new ideas like the boxes experiment.

We’ve had a little think about how to solve the problem of students copying each other’s work. And we came up with this outlandish idea: use the boxes like this below!

desk partition

Cut up the boxes and make something like this!

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