Keyboard shortcuts: How many of these do you know?

keyboard shortcuts

Tech Hacks #1: So you think you know your keyboard? Think again…

You probably use your PC every day, but did you know there are loads of *keyboard short-cuts and clever tricks you can do with it? It’s time to educate yourself with the first of our new ‘TECH HACKS’ features, so plonk yourself in front of your computer and try these…

Turn the screen

If you ever fancy playing a prank on someone in the office or at home, this is how to turn their screen upside down. By combining Alt + CTRL + any of the arrow keys, you can turn their screen in the direction of your choice…

The boss is coming

Are you worried that your boss will catch you on your favourite shopping site when you should be working? As soon as you see them coming, all you have to do is use another of our clever keyboard shortcuts: Hit the keys Windows + L to close everything in a split second. All he or she will see is you beavering away like the hard worker that you are. Yeah, right.


At the top of your keyboard, you have a range of Function keys, going from F1 to F12, and we bet that you only very rarely use them. However, some of these keys are very useful, when combined with the Alt key. For example, F5 can refresh a web page, F4 can quickly close a programme if you’re caught out, and F11 will put you immediately into full screen mode.

keyboard shortcuts

Eye eye

We’re not all equal when it comes to our eyesight. The good news is that there’s a specific function hidden behind your keyboard keys to help you see things much more clearly: by simply pressing on the Windows and the + keys simultaneously, you can magnify things. Simply use the Windows and the – Key to reduce things again.

Tackle the tabs

Rather than scrolling through all your open tabs, you can quickly navigate to a specific tab if you know its position. For example, clicking CTRL + 4 will jump to tab number 4 (from the left). With CTRL + 9 you will jump to the very last tab, no matter how many you have open.

Word has it

No more excuses: For perfect grammar and spelling you are only a click away…
PC or Mac: F7

Thomas Cook it

Have you ever found a link that’s too good to forget? Bookmark it!
PC: Ctrl + D
Mac: Command + D

Get spaced out

Is that mouse wheel giving you repetitive strain injury? Don’t worry – tapping the space bar will get you where you need to go… Oh no, you scrolled too far down? No big deal, just hit shift + space bar to head back up!

So there you are. We hope you enjoyed these tip, tricks and keyboard shortcuts. Now get on your mouse and back to work before the boss sees you messing about on here!

*Most of these should work on your PC, there may be one or two which don’t, depending on the type and age of your computer.

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