Upgrade to an SSD – reasons why you need to…

Upgrade to an SSD

Why should you upgrade to an SSD?

We’re always asking for more from our PC. We stream more videos, play 3D games or use resource hungry apps. We need a faster and better performing PC. Which is why many of us think about ways to upgrade our computer.

Often we’ll consider a new processor, adding more memory or investing in the latest graphics card. But have you thought about the easiest upgrade of all?

Adding an SSD is a great way to improve your PC’s performance.

Just a note at this point to emphasise we’re talking about internal drives rather than external SSDs here.

Simple performance boost from lightning fast storage

SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives. This is why adding an SSD to complement a HDD is a great way to upgrade your PC. Your hard drive can be used to store the majority of your files and applications. But the SSD holds the operating system and other essential files. This will give you blisteringly fast load times.

Using a hybrid storage system of a large capacity hard drive together with a superfast SSD is becoming more common among PC users and gamers.

Upgrade to an SSD

SSD only

An alternative to a hybrid storage system is to completely replace your hard drive with an SSD. Until fairly recently this wasn’t really an option for most of us as there were very few high-capacity SSDs available. And the few that were around were very expensive.

But that’s changed. Prices have tumbled and there’s much more choice. Manufacturers produce a whole range of high-capacity SSDs and a 2TB drive can be purchased from under £300. Replacing your hard drive with a 2TB SSD will give a massive performance boost to your PC. It’ll be like having a brand new computer.

Why you should upgrade to an SSD

We’ve already mentioned some of the benefits of upgrading your PC with an SSD. But let’s round them up:

• Speed. The main reason to buy an SSD. You won’t believe how fast your load times become.
• Price. SSDs are now fantastic value with prices starting below £30.
• Large capacities. You can buy WD SSDs in capacities ranging from 120GB up to 4TB.
• Quiet operation. Unlike mechanical hard drives, SSDs have no moving parts and are almost completely silent.
• Durable. SSDs are far sturdier and much less susceptible to knocks than HDDs.
• Form factors. SSDs are available in different form factors suitable for desktop PCs or laptops.
• Easy to install. One of the simplest upgrades and one most of us will be able to perform with ease.

Upgrade to an SSD

Which SSD should you buy?

You’ll find the drive you need in the range from available from Ebuyer. But which SSD you choose very much depends on why you’re upgrading your PC. Let’s look at a few options:

Best for value

SSDs used to be an expensive option. But in the recent times prices have dropped dramatically. There are now some fantastic drives out there at very low prices.

A great example of this is the WD Green 240GB SSD. This 2.5” / 7mm cased model is very easy to install and you’ll immediately reap the rewards we discussed earlier. The WD Green SSDs use very little power and are shock-resistant just in case your PC gets a knock or you drop your laptop. And it comes with a three year limited warranty so you really can’t go wrong with this drive.

At under £30 at the time of writing the WD Green 240GB SSD is outstanding value for money.

Best for performance

If you’re looking to upgrade to an SSD and add a real boost to your PC’s performance consider the WD Blue 500GB 3D NAND SSD. Its huge capacity is only half the story.


The WD Blue 500GB

Superfast read speeds of up to 560MB/s and write speeds up to 530MB/s enable you quickly back up data or access all your essential apps. And the built in WD error-correction technology means your data is completely safe.

Even better news is that the WD Blue 500GB SSD only costs around £60. A small price to pay for such a performance boosting upgrade to your PC.

Best for gaming

Gamers are always looking for an edge. To squeeze every last drop from their hardware. If you’re a gamer the WD Black 500GB NVMe SSD delivers the unbeatable performance you’re looking for.

It has a 500GB capacity to store large files and games and has blistering read speeds of up to 3,470MB/s. That’s around six times faster than a typical SSD. But that’s not all. WD’s dashboard includes a gaming mode feature. When activated it disables the low power mode so your SSD is always operating at optimal levels.

The WD Black 500GB NVMe SSD is one of the best performing drives you can buy. And like all other WD SSDs is great value for money.

See the full range of SSDs at Ebuyer

WD are the foremost manufacturer of SSDs. You can see the full range at the best prices you’ll find online right here at Ebuyer.

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