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Black Friday

Black Friday, bright sales?

Black Friday is on November 29th this year, followed by Cyber Monday three days later, on December 1st – but will the sales be swinging this year, or will the uncertain economic conditions have a negative impact on the whole event in the UK?

On a positive note to start with, this year’s Black Friday is just after payday for many people so you might be in the mood to splash out.

It is true to say that Black Friday itself is becoming more and more diluted each year as retailers seem to start the sale earlier and end it later. The whole thing now stretches on for a number of weeks and here at our Black Friday sale lasts all week.

It was Walmart in the USA that started this move of beginning its Black Friday sale early, on the Thursday night, and since then it has snowballed, with many retailers seemingly in a mad rush to start it sooner than anyone else.

Black Friday

Online increase

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) have revealed that there is a 46% increase year-on-year in ONLINE sales, but it’s a different story on UK high streets with actual Black Friday sales in decline by 8% year-on-year. They add that in 2018, 25% of the year’s total sales came in November.

An interesting point is that even though many people still enjoy the high street Black Friday experience, the majority of shoppers still search online first to see what deals are available before venturing out.

When Black Friday first caught on in the USA, it was primarily aimed at electronic goods, with Cyber Monday traditionally focussing on lifestyle items, but now it’s a case of ‘sell everything, everywhere.’

Big ticket items

Shoppers are getting more savvy every year and are waiting for the big-ticket items which are being drip-fed over several weeks. The biggest discounts still tend to be on electronics, and this year you can expect great savings on phones, tablets, laptops and TVs.

Retailers who offer finance options tend to do especially well over the Black Friday period, as a monthly payment is easier to manage. And you still get your goods immediately, at the best prices. Here at we have finance available on many products.

The BRC say that many people are beginning to plan their spending year around Black Friday sales – for example, a couple may know they are going to buy a new three-piece suite in 2019, but they are prepared to wait most of the year and buy it in the Black Friday sales to take advantage of the biggest savings. So now is the time!

Black friday

Can you predict sale items?

Is there a way of predicting which items will feature in the sales? The answer is yes, to an extent – although it’s not 100% accurate, so don’t come complaining if it doesn’t work out perfectly. This is the best indicator; If a brand such as Lenovo (Laptops), for example, hasn’t brought out a new version of a product for a year or two, then it makes sense that these are more likely to be discounted to stimulate sales and shift stock. Of course, any discounts would be via the retailer, not Lenovo! But you get the idea of what to look out for…

TV heaven

As there is much more competition every year, bundles look set to be popular with customers and retailers. TVs are always popular, and there is usually something for everyone, with low-cost 4K TVs proving massively popular last year. One big sales area is ‘second bedroom & kitchen sets’ – these are not the top-of-the-range TVs, but anything that just represents good value. These will be eagerly snapped up to dot around the house for total convenience.

Check out our early bird specials here, but don’t forget that Black Friday actually lasts all week!

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