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Winter is the time to make sure that your home is safe and secure. We have some simple tips which can deter thieves. Remember that burglars are lazy and look for the easiest target. If you can show that you’ve taken precautions to secure and protect your home or business, then the likelihood is that they’ll go and target someone who hasn’t been as security-conscious as you. Here are our Home & Business security tips to keep you and your belongings safe…

Lock windows and doors

Sounds like a simple task, but there are still so many people who don’t do this. Go and check your windows right now! Especially any ground floor windows. Also, it’s a good idea to add a security bar to sliding glass doors to discourage entry.

Use a Safe

OK, you might not have an extensive jewellery collection like HRH The Queen, but a safe is still a good idea for any you happen to have, plus things like important documents, passports etc. Insurance companies often give discounts if you have security measures such as a safe.

Home security

Time-switch lights

Time-switch lights are another simple and cheap way of making your home or flat looked lived-in, even when you’re out. Even making sure your curtains are drawn-closed, so that prospective burglars can’t study the interior of your home.

Don’t hide keys

All it takes is a burglar to be monitoring your house when you get home and watch where you get the key from.

Leaving a spare key outside your door is a definite ‘No!’ It’s better to leave a spare key with a neighbour or make sure all residents a have their own key and never lend it out. Insurance companies warn about giving contractor’s keys. Don’t do it.

Add a Security Alarm System

You don’t have to spend a fortune these days to get an effective security alarm. They possess a variety of functions which burglars hate: bright lights, noise and video recording. Even pretty-basic CCTV devices can transmit images to your mobile, tablet or laptop.
An additional function of modern security systems is that they can also alert residents of fires or even high carbon levels or gas in the air. If you have your home or business fitted with a good security system, make sure you let your insurance company know, as you are likely to receive a discount.

Home & Business security

Security systems are easy to operate…

Light Entryways

Make sure there is effective lighting by doors, and use flood-lights to put-off burglars.

Keep your garden or yard tidy

Make sure any furniture and equipment (BBQs/lawn-mowers etc) is packed away for the winter and double-lock your shed and/or garage.

Keep any shrubs or large plants trimmed so burglars can’t hide in the shadows

Watch those windows

Police statistics reveal that “around a third of burglars enter houses through back windows,” so making sure windows and doors are securely locked will minimise the risk of being a target. Add a burglar alarm or motion-sensor security lighting is another way to deter a potential burglary.

Lock those windows!!

Lock those windows!


Lots of people have a set of ladders in their garage or shed. If burglars can get in to these places, then they can use your own ladders to gain access to your own house or business. Don’t make their life easier. Any ladders on your premises need to be securely attached to a wall or locked away.

Neighbourhood Watch

It may seem a bit 1980s, but Neighbourhood Watch is still an effective way of adding an extra-layer to your home or business security. As long as you have neighbours who can unite, then it’s worth doing.

The people next door

Your dotty next-door neighbours may sometimes be a bit annoying, but they can also play an important role in your home security. Let them know if you’re going to be away for a period of time and make sure they have your mobile number for any emergencies.

If you are a business owner, then a relationship with neighbouring businesses can play an important role in security. It’s a good idea to organise a rota over Christmas and holiday periods to deter burglaries and check for any suspicious activities.


A nosey parker is not always a bad thing!


Leaving your car running to defrost on winter mornings helps speed up the process of getting to work, but car thieves love such situations. A car with its engine running and a key in the ignition is like a dream come true for a car thief. They can drive off in a second – and to make matters even worse, this type of car theft is not covered by most insurance companies.

Using de-icer spray and a scraper are more time-consuming and more inconvenient, but the chances of your car being stolen are significantly less.

Don’t leave Christmas shopping in your car

It’s tempting to leave Xmas presents in your car overnight to stop kids getting a sneaky look at what Santa might bring, but it makes your car an attractive option for theft. Even just leaving presents on full view in your car for an hour or two while you continue Xmas shopping is not a good idea. Over the festive season, many cars are broken in to in broad daylight.

Home & Business security

Car trouble, oh yeah

With kids eager to get a sneaky peak at their presents, leaving Christmas shopping in your car overnight or just for an hour as you continue shopping might seem like a sensible idea, but is likely to make your car an attractive option for thieves. Always keep Christmas gifts hidden in the boot of your car, or if there’s no space available, make sure they are well-covered.

So, there you have a selection of home and business security tips to help make winter stress-free. Implement as many of these simple measures as you can to keep those burglars at bay. To take a look at our range of home-security devices, click here.

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