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How to program your keyboard keys….

program your keyboard


How do you program your keyboard?

Keyboards and mice are quite simple devices really. You connect them to your PC, the driver loads automatically and away you go. Keys pressed display the letter chosen on-screen, or the mouse pointer moves in unison with you. Easy. However, with the advent of additional buttons on these input devices, they’ve become far more complex in their usage. If you program your keyboard, you’ll make your life much easier!

In some cases, manufacturers supply their own piece of software which is specific to them and their products, meaning the product can be programmed to work smarter for you. However, if you change your product for any reason, you may have to re-program your keyboard or mouse using the latest software or one from another manufacturer, which can be confusing.

program your keyboard

The new CHERRY KEYS software, available as a completely free-of-charge download from the CHERRY website, will improve your efficiency by allowing quick access to commonly used functions once your product has been programmed.  Unlike the manufacturer specific software, CHERRY KEYS is compatible with almost all keyboards or mice connected, meaning you’ll not have to re-learn programming skills if you change your product over.

CHERRY KEYS includes a number of extremely useful options to program your keyboard:

Run a program – program a key to allow instant opening of a specific piece of software on your PC. Want Photoshop, Word, Excel or Outlook at the touch of a button? No problem.

Open File/Folder – do you commonly access the same files or folders on your system? Need instant access to the My Documents folder? CHERRY KEYS will do this for you.

Websites – Any web-address can be locked into one key so there’s no delay in opening your Spotify/Deezer playlist or shopping on Ebay.

System – Choose to lock your screen, log-off, put your system into standby mode or shut it down completely, at the touch of one button.

Macro Recorder – Record multiple, complex commands onto a single key. Ideal for gamers or office-users alike.

Text Block – For some of us, commonly used phrases can be a pain to keep typing. With CHERRY KEYS, a single key can be assigned to those text-strings, so they appear in an instant.

program your keyboard

Multimedia – choose from common media control functions including; Browser forward/back, volume up/down/mute, play/pause and track forward/back.

Disable – the programmable keys (F1-12, Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause or multimedia keys) can be completely disabled if required.

For mice, up to 4 buttons can be programmed with any of the above functions, meaning simple, one-touch access.

CHERRY KEYS is available for download now: .

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