Tech people need love too: Hilarious Tinder profiles


We could all do with a little bit of romance in our lives. Who doesn’t love the warm fuzzy feeling as someone throws their arms around you? (Apart from my grandma, who has brittle bone disease).

Technology seems to have taken over the world, and human contact seems to be have been left behind. Where is the passion these days? The other week I remember making mad, passionate love to my fiance in the lounge area, then a few minutes later in the kitchen area. Then we continued to the bedroom area… That’s the good news, the bad news is that we’ve been banned from IKEA. Still, happy days – and we still managed to grab a bag of tea lights on the way out!

Many gaming and tech nerds live solitary lives, talking online to people at the other side of the world, pretending they are friends with each other as they discuss the pros and cons of a sturdy joystick. Those aren’t your REAL friends – you need a romantic partner to bring you back in to the real world!

Tech people need some real love in their lives instead of spending all-night discussing the merits of SSDs. Exactly. The truth is, you need to get on to one of those dating sites such as Tinder, Match.com or Desperate-loser.com (very popular with Ebuyer staff). 

Here’s a selection of real profiles which have been on Tinder. Is it best to tell the truth or not? You decide.


tech and tinder
OUR VERDICT: Clint’s a bit of a teaser, with his shirt open, giving the ladies a glimpse of what could be. Chances of him pulling: slim.
tech and tinder
OUR VERDICT: We like the green one, not so keen on the other muppet.
tech and tinder
OUR VERDICT: Be worried!
tech and tinder
OUR VERDICT: At least now we know where to go to see a plumber if we need one.
tinder profile
OUR VERDICT: Call social services. And the police.
tinder cat
tinder profile
OUR VERDICT: Moooove on.

If you want to see more off-beat Tinder profiles, click here.

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