The 7 best Xmas presents at Ebuyer

Buying gifts can be difficult. Whether it’s for your partner, friend or work colleague, its very rare that you find the ‘perfect’ gift straight away.

Getting the right gift is also key. You don’t want to receive a swanky watch from your girlfriend and all you give in return is a mug with a picture of a cat in an elf costume on it.

To make your Christmas shopping easier we’ve put together a list of the 7 best Xmas presents at Ebuyer:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Subtle, stylish and practical. This smart band is great for the fitness fanatic in your life. The compact design ensures the watch won’t hinder any day-to-day activities or workout sessions.

The vibrant AMOLED display means you can text, call and view app notifications without being constantly tied to your phone.

Perfect for:
Hitting the gym in January to work off that Christmas weight gain.

£32.99 >

X10 TWS T3 Earbuds

These wireless earbuds offer a much more affordable alternative to its Apple branded doppelganger. For a fraction of the price you get all the same amazing features. Outstanding sound quality, touch controls, automatic pairing and wireless charging.

The earbuds are neatly housed in their own portable charging case which can charge your earbuds three times, before it needs charging itself. The simple Bluetooth pairing feature is also activated from the moment the charging case is open. A stark contrast from the untangling of headphone wires that you’ll be used to.

Perfect For:
Ignoring your annoying relatives.

£16.98 >

Google Home Mini

Smart homes are the future. Simply walking into your home and being able to talk to it in order to change lighting, temperature and a whole host of other things, was the stuff of dreams not that long ago.

Luxury has never been so affordable. Smart home technology has advanced hugely over a very short period of time meaning the cost of such innovative technology is now within most people’s budget.

Perfect For:
Turning the light off without needing to lift a finger after stuffing your face with turkey.

£29.00 >

Juice Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable

Since the introduction of the official Vinyl charts in 2015, vinyl records have become extremely popular amongst music aficionados and hipsters alike.

Party like it’s 1960 with this turntable housed in a lightweight and portable briefcase, which combines style with practicality. Furthering its appeal is the built-in stereo speakers, meaning you can listen without the need for additional equipment. However, should you wish to accessorise, there is a headphone jack allowing you to upgrade your audio capabilities.

Perfect For:
Reliving the glory days of music.

£29.99 >

Corsair HS35 Red Stereo PC/Console Gaming Headset

Turn on, plug in and drop out. This Corsair gaming headset features a unidirectional microphone that cancels out background noise. This ensures a fully immersive gaming experience.

Flawless audio, memory foam earcups and a detachable microphone are just some features that make this headset a must-have for gamers. Compatibility includes PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and even smartphones for the mobile gamers out there.

Perfect For:
Hibernating in your room for 12-hour gaming sessions.

£38.99 >

Dveetech WiFi 4K Action Camera

Record journeys, sports endeavours or other adventures with this 4K action camera. The WiFi feature allows you to pair the camera to your smartphone for improved video playback. The waterproof casing provides protection up to depths of 30m. Perfect for capturing holiday footage on the beach.

The efficient pocket-sized design not only makes it extremely portable, it also makes it the ideal stocking filler this Christmas.

Perfect for:
Attaching to a dog, for an insight into the world from their eyes.

£14.98 >

EG Nitro Mouse

The specially designed thumb rest provides exceptional comfort and gives you complete control whilst gaming. The stylised lighting enhances the aesthetic, offering a choice of colours from red, green or blue.

Suitable for any level of gamer, the EG Nitro Mouse is great value at just over £5. Perfect for your office Secret Santa.

Perfect For:
Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

£5.46 >

Xmas at Ebuyer

Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts or otherwise, we hope our list has helped. For more great value Christmas present ideas, explore all our gadgets and gifts on our website.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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