Bubbling up again… Iconic game BioShock is back

Really exciting news has broken which confirms the rumours are true… Modern classic game franchise BioShock is set to return. 

A new BioShock is currently in development with a team at Cloud Chamber (a new game studio based in Montreal and San Francisco). It might be a little while before the name is revealed and the next instalment is officially launched – because the makers want to ensure it’s perfect.

The critically acclaimed original trilogy was playable on various platforms, and was something of a worldwide gaming phenomenon. The three instalments (and downloadable extra content packs) have sold around 35 million copies worldwide.

Bioshock was clever and captivating. Its use of atmospherics set a benchmark. Light, colour and sound effects (and even vintage music) combined brilliantly to ensure a really immersive experience.

It was much more than just pleasing to the eyes and ears. The run-down brass ‘n’ glass steampunk visual aesthetic was stunning, and ensured underwater city Rapture, Big Daddy diving suits and glow-eyed Little Sisters became iconic amongst gamers.

Bioshock even spilled out into mainstream culture, with BioShock merch such as action figures, posters and soundtrack albums all highly collectible. 

Crucially, BioShock’s exploration of difficult socio-political issues (and its heavy influence from the early 20th-century writer and philosopher Ayn Rand) totally broke the boundaries in video game storytelling.

Who’s your Big Daddy? Mr Bubbles, that’s who… (Pic: 2K)

But the future of the series has been in doubt during the last few years because the designer behind it closed the studio which made it. The BioShock franchise was seemingly dead. Not even ‘in limbo’… The recent surprise news is just what fans have been (almost) too scared to dream.

We’ll keep you posted as the release draws nearer. In the meantime check out Ebuyer’s gaming consoles so you can make sure you’re ready for the return of BioShock…

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