It’s time for a Christmas getaway

Christmas Getaways

For a Christmas feel:


What could be more Christmassy than a getaway to Lapland? It’s the home of Father Christmas himself. Make sure you wrap up warm, it gets very cold and snowy. Whilst you’re there, you can go on husky sled, reindeer or snowmobile tours to entertain the little ones, and of course visit Santa. The Northern Lights are a likely sighting during Christmas time at Lapland and are an amazing experience for everyone.  


Rome during the Christmas season offers an opportunity to explore the city without a million tourists. But that’s not to say the city won’t still be busy. Rome is buzzing with Buon Natale Christmas festivities at this time of year, with big markets and street performances happening all around. If you decide to stay for Christmas Day, a trip to the Vatican would be a good way to spend it. The Roman Catholic rituals are in full swing at the spiritual headquarters of the faith.


If you’re interested in religion, a Christmas getaway to Seville might be for you. It’s deeply Catholic, so Christmas time is very important there. The city hosts very traditional festivities, so expect nativity scenes, chestnuts roasting and old-worldly markets.

New York

Everyone knows that in New York, it’s go big or go home, and there are no exceptions at Christmas time. Lights and decorations fill the city, it hums and glows 24 hours a day. Central Park and Times Square are must-sees if you want to experience the craziness.

Rio de Janeiro

Some would say religion and big parties are what Rio is best known for. At Christmas time, the two are combined. On Christmas Day, the city is quiet and reflective of their Catholic faith, but at night, it explodes into parties and celebrations. It’s the perfect destination if you want Christmas with a twist.


Bora Bora

This Tahitian paradise is the perfect Christmas getaway if you hate the festivities at home and want nothing to do with them. Bora Bora is filled with breathtaking scenery and beautiful views no matter where you are on the island. The best part about the tropical paradise is it has no phone signal, no computers and no need for you to do anything but relax. Everything is better basically. It’s the most blissful way to spend your Christmas.


If you’re feeling like spending your Christmas in luxury, Dubai is the place to be. You’re surrounded by amazing shopping malls, water parks, and five-star restaurants. Whether you’re enjoying the hot weather or appreciating the modern architecture, you couldn’t be much further from Christmas at home.


Cuba offers a lot in terms of holiday experiences. Staying in a resort soaking up the sun or visiting the locals in the vibrant streets of Havana are just a couple of options. The Catholic influence in Cuba means you won’t be completely cut off from Christmas, but you’ll be witnessing a culture completely different from our own.


What could be more anti-Christmas than a safari? Tanzania is the ultimate African experience, home to lions, elephants and buffalo. Enjoy the diverse surroundings of the Serengeti National Park or if you’re feeling adventurous, Mount Kilimanjaro is right on the doorstep. If you want to experience the wild up close, a Christmas getaway to Tanzania sounds good.

Hopefully one of these Christmas breaks will suit you. Whether you’re a Christmas lover or hater, why not do something different this year?

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