Secret Santa Gifts

It’s that time of the year again…

Yep, the time when all the office Grinch’s become even more disgruntled because they’re required to buy a colleague a Christmas present. As if all the tinsel and multi-coloured lights weren’t enough, now they’ve got to fork out a tenner on a piece of useless crap.

But it doesn’t have to be useless, or crap. Why not buy something worthwhile for a change?

If you’re the Grinch I’m talking about or are in the same position as your green furry friend, then you might want to take a look at these gift ideas and our reviews.

To help you put in as little effort as possible, you can pick your gift by the trait your colleague has.

Karaoke microphone

Whether they make it known or not, everybody loves a good sing when they’re alone. Either getting ready to go out or while they’re cleaning up, if they deny belting out tunes like they’re the next Madonna, then they’re lying.

That’s why this microphone makes the perfect gift. It’s wireless and connects via Bluetooth so there’s no messy cables to worry about. Nor do you have to worry about charging it every time you use it either, the battery lasts eight hours.

There is also a recording feature – perfect for sing offs at pre-drinks.

Colleague: The one that has convinced themselves they’re destined to win the X Factor.

£9.99 >

Crepe maker

Everybody loves crepes, right?

Sweet or savoury, you can have ‘em loads of different ways. Nutella & banana or ham & cheese, everyone has their favourite topping.

They’re easy to make and can be healthy, depending on your topping preference. That makes them perfect for a quick breakfast in the morning or a delicious desert for after tea.

Colleague: The one that’s always first to the kitchen when cake is brought in.

£10.98 >

Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is always a solid gift choice.

They’re perfect for blasting out those festive tunes at your Christmas party or on New Years Eve to get you hyped for what is bound to be another disappointing night.

With seven hours play time, a built-in microphone and good sound quality, this On Earz Bluetooth speaker is an absolute steal for less than seven quid.

Colleague: The one that’s always hungover because they went out partying on a weeknight.

£6.60 >

Power bank

Portable power banks are extremely useful for charging your phone when you’re out and about. Especially in this day and age where iPhone batteries seemingly deteriorate faster than your will to live when you get caught in Christmas traffic on your way home.

Sure, it’s not a ‘fun’ gift, but it is something the giftee will get use out of. Not like that mug you were thinking of buying with profanities written across the bottom.

Colleague: The one that’s always on their phone at work.

£9.99 >


These will make a great upgrade for those audiophiles in your office who always have their earphones in and blissfully ignore you.

Jack… Jack! I need the… JACK!

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

The slick blue paintjob offers a quirky alternative to the monotone black that no doubt plagues your office equipment.

Colleague: The one that always listens to music WAY too loud through their earphones.

£9.48 >

Moon Lamp

Did you get the colleague that should be nocturnal because they stay up all night and then try to get their sleep in at work?

Whether they use it at home to embrace the night, or at work to comfort them during the struggle of staying awake, this might just be the perfect gift.

Colleague: The one that’s always half asleep at their desk.

£7.98 >

Office Secret Santa at Ebuyer

Whether you’re a fan of Secret Santa or not, if you’ve been lumped in with the crowd you might as well join in. Hopefully, our ideas are what you’re looking for and your office Secret Santa shopping has been easier than you expected.

If you’re still searching, take a look on our website and you might find exactly what you’re looking for.

*Prices are subject to change.

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