Space-age tech ‘n’ a toy for around £100

You’ve got £100 burning a hole in your Chrimbo pocket. You need some amazing tech. Ebuyer has some ideas…

You’ve pumped that aisle in the supermarket where the daft little four quid gifts live. You’ve sorted the usual bath bomb for your sister and a mirror for your brother. Your Mum will love the Robbie ‘n’ chocs combination, and your Dad’s definitely going to be happy with that power tool. But there’s still one more present to get, and your earmark is £100…

So here are six really good tech ideas from Ebuyer – for Christmas, or for any time of year. A sextet of super-kit priced around that all-important and affordable century mark. 


The Rise Of Skywalker is about to drop at your local cinema, and it’s going to be the film event of the year. One of the best things about the new Star Wars trilogy is BB8 – a cute lil beach-ball of a droid who rolls around the universe saving the good guys from the dark forces of the First Order.

This app-enabled BB8 DROID will save you from the dark forces of boredom… It’s the Star Wars toy we’ve all been waiting for. Amazingly affordable at less than £100, your BB8 can be controlled from a smartphone, meaning hours of Star Wars fun. Warning: Not suitable as an actual beach-ball.


One of the main things about the sleek-looking LG SH2 SOUNDBAR is its Bluetooth connectivity. So there’s zero need for messy wires trailing all over the place to get synched up to your TV. Plus, you can download an app to your smartphone so you can use it as a remote control.

The most important thing, obvs, is how it sounds. The good news is you get plenty of boom for your buck. The LG SH2 offers crystal clear dialogue or punchy powerful action whatever you choose to watch – even The Phantom Menace. But why would you?


With those pesky political campaigners coming a-knocking over the last six weeks, you’re probably a bit sick of getting up to answer the door… The RING VIDEO DOORBELL has video capability, so you can see (through your smartphone, tablet or PC) who’s calling before you answer. Or decide not to…

If you’re not at home you can watch over things in crystal-clear 1080HD and interact: you can see, hear and speak to visitors no matter where in the world you might be. Even if that just means your sofa. An easy and effective solution for home security.

darth vader and stormtroopers
“Hello there, we’re just calling to see if you’ll be voting for the Empire party this election?”


Small but perfectly formed, the nifty CODA ZEST 10.1″ 32GB LAPTOP is an excellent machine for both work and home. While it’s never going to cope with rendering the CGI for a Star Wars film, it does have a capable 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

It’s also great value at just over £100 as it’s pre-loaded with the versatile Windows 10 Home. The ZEST has a removable keyboard so it can switch between a touchscreen laptop and a travel tablet. Whichever form you decide this impressive machine should be in to suit you needs, it looks and feels brilliant and functions like a dream.


The LOGITECH G933 ARTEMIS SPECTRUM HEADPHONES are very good looking and sound really great. That’s the most important thing for gamers, tv or film and music fans alike, right? From your favorite songs to those immersive game soundtracks, the Pro-G drivers of this headset deliver clean and accurate high-end and rich bass.

The G933 is also wireless enabled, and has 7.1 capability. So the headphones sound equally as fantastic whether you’re playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, pumping out Stormzy‘s Heavy Is The Head or watching a Christmas movie. There are some more over the ear options here.


If you’re into your photography and need a general purpose home and holiday bit of kit the PRAKTICA LUXMEDIA WP240 WATERPROOF CAMERA is a robust and versatile option. It’s also creatively capable.

There are 29 modes to suit every occasion. Dedicated one-touch buttons means accessing menus and shooting modes is so much simpler. Brilliant photos and great videos are within reach for everyone with this compact beauty.

So that’s our handful of ideas for great tech ‘n’ a toy… It’s likely (‘cos it’s Christmas) that your £100 purchase will be something special for that really special someone. Even if that really special someone is you… Enjoy.

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