Tech support? Hi, I’ve got a problem…

Tech support

Even twenty years in to the 21st century, some computer users still sometimes need tech support. 

Not everyone who sits down at a desktop, or opens up a laptop, or turns on a smartphone knows exactly what’s what all the time. So the potential for doing a little frustration dance by your desk and then picking up the phone to call tech support is still high…

With so many different types of machine in use, and with so much different software and so many sorts of app, it can all get a bit much

Here are just a few moments from some of our favourite calls…


Tech Support: Okay, thank you for calling. So I can understand your problem better can you tell me what kind of computer you’re working on?
Customer: Yeah. It’s a grey one.


Customer: Hi, I’m having a big problem printing this document. Every time I’ve tried it just says “can’t find printer”. I’ve moved the printer closer to the machine – but it still says it can’t find it

* You wouldn’t suffer this issue if you were smart enough to sign your business up to the HP PAYS scheme, by the way!


Tech Support: Okay, so now we’ve sorted that, can you press any key for me?
Erm… Er… Yeah, but which one’s the ‘any’ key?


Tech Support: So, in the box in the centre of your screen there’s the OK button…
Customer: Wow, how can you see my screen from there?


Customer: My laptop broke over the weekend. Can you fix it before my meeting this morning? 
Tech Support:
Can you tell me what’s wrong with it?
Customer: I dropped it in the bath. 


Customer: Hi, I just got a new mouse-mat – but I don’t want to use it until I’ve checked with you that it’s compatible with this computer…


Customer: I can’t get onto the Internet.
Tech Support: Did you use the right password?
Customer: Yes, I saw my workmate do it.
Tech Support: Can you tell me what the password was?
Customer: It was five dots.


Customer: Hello, can you help? My son put a screen-saver on my computer, it was a photo from his wedding day. I wondered if you could get it back for me?
Tech Support: Sorry, what do you mean madam?
Customer: I moved the mouse and it disappeared.

Tech can be complicated, that’s for sure. If you work at a computer, or if you play at a computer, from time to time there’ll definitely be things that fox you. As a given, we reckon sitting back and just having a bit of a think for a minute before you call your colleagues or your kids is a good idea!

Your problem could be something that can only be solved by your IT dept or an expert, of course. But it could be something small or daft – is the machine actually plugged in? Are the keyboard and mouse actually connected…

… It might just be your common sense that’s malfunctioning…

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