Tips to avoid mobile phone battery frustration

mobile phone frustration

The modern curse of mobile phone battery frustration has struck us all at some point… You’re in the middle of a call, or tapping out a message, or checking the latest on your socials – or even just half way through a new level on a game – and your phone battery dies.

Just when you need them the most, phones can sometimes fall short. Running out of juice at that vital moment leaves you hanging. Okay it’s a ‘first world problem‘, but when it happens it’s one of life’s major minor frustrations.

So, to set you off into 2020 and beyond, here’s a handy guide to the facts and fiction of getting the most out of your batteries. 

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Off-brand chargers kill a battery

This mobile phone battery myth might have been developed by the big manufacturers in order to shift more of their overpriced chargers. But it’s true. If your charger zonks out, the most efficient option is to purchase the relevant charger from the same brand as your device.

Contrary to popular opinion however, investing in a cheaper, more versatile charger made by a generic brand will do your device no harm whatsoever. Sure, it might not charge your smartphone as quickly as the matching brand, but it’ll still do an amicable job without inflicting any damage to your device.

Sometimes it’s good to give your battery a rest

Our reliance on technology such as smartphones and laptops leaves us craving an ongoing connection to the digital world. It leaves us reluctant to ever power our devices down and give them a break. But sometimes that’s exactly what we need to do.

Leaving your device charging and draining constantly without a break takes its toll. Apple have previously recommended you switch off your device overnight at least once a week. Similarly, restoring a device can give your battery a boost, and lead to an extended battery life.

mobile phone battery frustration

Don’t let your phone just go dead

Before you decide to run your mobile phone battery down in order to give it a breather, here’s a word of warning. Your battery will actually stay in much better shape if you charge for shorter periods more often (as opposed to longer periods less often). Let your battery go dead, and that is one small step towards its inevitable demise.

You should stop charging when the battery is full

Smartphones are pretty clever these days. If you get nervous when your phone is on 100% charge but still plugged in, don’t. A smartphone battery won’t carry on charging after it’s been maxed out. It’ll just bypass the battery altogether.

Still, this comes with a slight caveat. Batteries remain at their peak whilst charged between 40 – 80% (hence why they come around half charged when you buy a new phone). So, as much as you can help it, it’s best to try and balance your phone’s charge to keep them in those boundaries as much as possible.


You’re free to use your phone while it charges

You’ve probably heard the occasional horror story about phones exploding or users getting electric shocks while using a charging smartphone. While we’re not going to tell you accidents don’t happen from (very rare) time to (very rare) time, things going wrong is likely to be down to a dodgy charger rather than actually juts using the device.

If you stick to trusted charger manufacturers, you shouldn’t run into any potentially dangerous scenarios. Indeed, many of your battery woes will be linked to the quality of your charger unit. So the wise move is to steer clear of that £3 option on the local market and purchase a reliable option.

Ultimately, batteries won’t last forever, and their condition is maintained over a finite amount of cycle charges. You’re likely to have to replace your battery at some point.

But, to be honest, with the ever-impressive new smartphones hitting the market year after year, you might change your phone before you need to change battery anyway… But, we hope Ebuyer‘s tips put straight some of the myths about mobile phone batteries.

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