Why Christmas should be cancelled

christmas cancelled

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world, and many people love it. But is it time for Christmas to be cancelled?

Before you label me a grinch, read these reasons why it’s a good idea.


Christmas is always a stressful time of the year, whether you live alone or have a family of ten.

The weather is usually very poor at this time of the year. It’s freezing, but there’s more chance of ice here than snow, so its not even worth the cold for a white Christmas.

With loads to buy, money is increasingly tight, and this stresses people out to the max.

There are big expectations at Christmas, the portrayal of everyone being happy, getting along, playing games and receiving the best gifts is overly optimistic, but we still expect it.

Family matters are also a big cause of stress. Conflict often happens with the whole family being together, it’s pretty much unavoidable.


We often forget when we’re busy celebrating Christmas, that there are people out there who aren’t as fortunate as us. Most of us won’t stop to think about the children that don’t have families, that don’t get presents and that are alone. Don’t feel too bad, we’re all guilty of it.

We think this is a good reason why Christmas should be cancelled, being compassionate towards people who aren’t as lucky as us is more important than receiving gifts.

Too commercial

It’s hard to imagine a time when Christmas wasn’t commercialised. It’s no secret that businesses thrive during the festive season, but has what was once supposed to be a time for generosity become completely money orientated? Christmas is ultimately a religious tradition, but many think it has become too concerned with who has the best gifts.


An obvious reason why Christmas should be cancelled is the cost. Buying gifts, food and decorations gets very expensive, and UK households spend over £700 on average celebrating Christmas. The cost of celebrating has become extravagant, and many families can’t afford this expense. The pressure on parents to buy their children the best gifts is increasingly high, and many aren’t able to buy their children the newest iPhone.


Christmas is one of the most wasteful times of the year, and most people probably don’t even think before throwing away the leftover food from the festive time. Sadly, so much food is wasted at Christmas, it’s the equivalent of throwing more than 4.2 million Christmas dinners straight into the bin.

Disappointment when it’s over

Even if you enjoy your time at Christmas, it always feels like a disappointment when it ends. Going back to work feeling like it hasn’t even happened is horrible. As is thinking about all the money you spent. The over-indulgence catches up with you and reality kicks back in. Definitely a valid reason why Christmas should be cancelled.

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