Your Boxing Day Traditions

Boxing Day traditions are definitely a thing, I’m just not sure anybody knows what they are. So, let’s forget the ridiculous old-timey traditions of fox hunting and others alike – they’re WAY too out of date now.

Instead, we’re looking at your boxing day traditions. The things you do each year without fail and don’t involve some kind of weird bird-killing tribute… yes that was actually a thing.

These are a few that we enjoy.

Xmas dinner leftovers

If you say that Christmas dinner food doesn’t taste better the next day then you’re lying. It’s fact that turkey is tastier, cranberry sauce is sweeter and stuffing is more sage-y.

Whether you opt for a delicious sandwich or a hearty soup, there’s no argument that the leftovers are the highlight of the day. Perfect for lining your stomach before that inevitable Boxing Day pub crawl.


Getting on it again

There’s nothin’ like the hair of the dog.

After being cooped up all of Christmas Day, forced to endure your relatives’ ‘banter’ – used in its loosest term – it’s nice to get out and stretch your legs. And push the boundaries of how much your liver can handle.

It’s customary that you round up your mates, stick on the new shirt your mum got you the day before and head off to the pub, in an attempt to soak up every last drop of the festivities.


Dreading New Year’s plans

Now that Christmas is officially over, you have a week to prepare for the inevitable disappointment that is New Year’s Eve.

Whether you were lucky enough to secure plans early or if you still have to go through the pain of trying to organise something, you can guarantee that no matter what the night will be a let-down.

It always is.

A kiss at midnight? Pfft, I’ll kiss the edge of the toilet seat when I pass out in the bathroom.


Thankfully, a full list of football fixtures on Boxing Day has been tradition for some time now.

Meaning that no matter how boring Boxing Day gets, if you’re a footy fan, you’ll always have something to look forward too.

Even if you’re still comatose from a food overload the day before, it’s always comforting to grab a pork pie and stick Sky Sports on for some frosty football action.


Enjoying your Christmas gifts

Spending all day playing with whatever presents you unwrapped on Christmas Day is a fond childhood memory.

There’s really nothing like letting your imagination run wild as a kid, creating your own exciting scenes. I can picture it now! Action Man vs Batman in an epic showdown on the mantlepiece. The battle to end all battles.

Exciting stuff. I wish I still got Action Man figures for Christmas…

Boxing Day at Ebuyer

Hopefully your Boxing Day is as fun as ours! To help make that happen, check out all the deals we have on our website and enjoy splashing a bit of Christmas cash.

If you have any other queries or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated customer support team are always on hand to help.

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