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The Latest and Greatest Pet Tech for 2020

We love our pets. Like, really love our pets. According to the PDSA, 50% of the adult UK population own at least one pet. Meaning there are approximately 19 million cats and dogs in the UK, it’s no surprise that 66% of owners admit they regularly buy accessories for their pets.

 With this knowledge, tech companies are in constant competition to provide Tiddles and Fido the most up to date gadgets and gizmos. At the recent CES (Consumer Technology Association) exhibition, even animal lovers got a look in with creators showcasing their latest pet tech designs.

 We’ve searched the world wide web to bring you some of the newest and best pet gadgets and tech that could improve you and your four-legged friend’s life.

PETcube Bites 2

If you or your beloved pet experiences separation anxiety, or you’re wanting to find out who has been wrecking the furniture while you’re at work… then this device might be for you. It allows you to view and talk to your hound while you are out via mobile phone thanks to the HD video and built in speaker and microphone. It also has night vision so you can see what your pet gets up to during the night. You can even send your beloved four-legged friend a treat… or ten!


Embark dog DNA Test

We’ve all heard of those do-it-yourself health and ancestor heritage tests, but now you can have one for your pooch. Although it can seem a bit of a gimmick, the results can be really helpful to many pet owners. The DNA kit provides loads of information on family tree, breed identification, health information and it can test for over 165 canine diseases.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

The idea for this futuristic gadget occurred when a member of the Hamill family was trying to do his home-work but the family dog would not stop pestering him to play fetch. Trying to reach a solution, they created the iFetch. This gadget is the size of an average shoe box but can launch balls up to 30 feet. Once your pup learns that by dropping the ball into the opening, it relaunches the tennis ball again, creating a do-it-yourself fetch cycle.   

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Do you own an animal of the feline variety? Then you might have experienced this familiar sight of a strange cat in your home eating the food you had put out for your own pet. To stop this injustice, the SureFeed Microchip pet feeder might help. It is designed to only open its feeding compartment for the pet that has the correct mircrochip, meaning it will not open to any other creature. Although not designed for large dogs, it would be suitable for small dogs and cats.

There is a smooth sliding door that opens to reveal the food to your four-legged pal, and once your pet has finished eating, it closes again keeping the food fresh.  

SureFeed Microchip Feeder

Litter-Robot 3 Automatic Self-cleaning Litter box

Yes, you read that correctly. A robot that cleans your cat’s litter box. Well not really, it’s a self-contained litter box that cleans up after your cat has done its business and moves the waste into a bag that you change once its full. It’s designed to keep odours at bay whilst also making cleaning up easier. However, it does slightly look a bit like something from Star Wars. But no one can deny how handy this gadget would be knowing your fluffy friend will always have a clean litter box.

Litter Robot 3 automatic litter tray

SurePet Care Microchip pet door

Featured in 2020 CES exhibition, this genius pet door has used microchip technology to ensure that only your family pets are getting in but keeping the neighbour’s cat out. Designed for cats and small dogs, this pet door allows you to monitor how often your furry friend goes outside, prevents other animals from entering your home and it has a six-month battery life. This pet flap can connect with your phone via “The Hub” where you can alter preferences for the door and monitor your pet’s activity whilst you’re on the move. 

Dyson Groom Tool

As many dog owners know, pet hair is a common annoyance within the home. It can clog up most hoovers and become an almost painful experience when you’re trying to get it off your upholstery and car seats. Dyson have come up with a new grooming tool for dog owners and claim that it captures loose hairs from your dog, so they don’t spread around the room or on to you. Not only does it catch hair, but it also collects dead skin cells, so they don’t linger around your home and gather dust. Designed to fit to any standard Dyson vacuum, it could make cleaning your home and car a little less tedious.

Spot on Virtual smart fence and collar

Imagine taking your dog with you on a camping trip and having an invisible fence to keep them safe and stop them getting lost. There’s several smart collars on the four-legged market these days, but many of them don’t give you the ability to create an invisible perimeter for your dog. As well as using advanced algorithms, inertial navigation sensors, and cellular service, this system allows you to track a lost pup almost anywhere as long at it has signal.

SpotOn Virtual smart collar and fence

So, there you have it, some of the best pet tech and gadgets for 2020. In no time you’ll have wish lists from Fluffy or Rover… it’s a good job animals can’t read!

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