Bionic arms, flying taxis & more – CES Round-up

It’s a wrap! As CES 2020 comes to a close, we take a look back on another day of amazing tech. With companies battling it out to draw the biggest crowd, there’s some amazing pieces of cutting-edge tech on show. Some research even suggests that attendees will wait up to an hour, just to get their eyes on brand new releases.

Here’s some of the latest announcements to get excited about.

BrainCo Tech Prosthetic arm

BrainCo’s revolutionary prosthetic arm is AI powered and can read brain waves to portray accurate movements. The arm is a game changer for amputees as it will allow them extremely acute control over their movements, not dissimilar from that of a real arm.

The demonstration shows a volunteer using the prosthetic arm to paint symbols with extreme precision. Other reports suggest that the arm can be trained to be so precise that users will be able to play the piano.

Mixed reality glasses

These glasses combine actual reality with virtual reality, overlaying virtual graphics onto real-life settings.

Although criticised for looking too “clunky”, tech consultants declared the glasses the “product of the show”, with other attendees taking to Twitter to voice their excitement.

This could have very interesting uses when applied to the likes of social media.


Samsung invisible keyboard

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yes, it does look extremely difficult to use. The front-facing camera tracks your hand movements using AI, which translates the movements into keystrokes. Initial reception has been positive though and Samsung are expected to fine tune ‘SelfieType’ to accommodate different hand sizes.

If the idea works as it’s supposed to, this could be huge in a few years.

Uber & Hyundai’s air taxi

You no longer have to worry about being stuck in traffic.

Hyundai and Uber are collaborating on a flying taxi concept. The model is a four-seater electronic flying vehicle that you can summon through the Uber app just as easily as you can a car.

The air taxi is set to be part of a complete network by the time 2023 rolls around.

CES 2020

The doors have closed on another year of amazing tech at CES. Check out our daily round-ups for a closer look at anything you may have missed from the past innovation-filled days.

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