TV top in day one of Ebuyer’s CES 2020 round-up

ces 2020 round up

In the world of tech, CES is one of the most hotly and highly anticipated events.

Our CES 2020 round-up features news from the huge annual gathering for those who thrive on consumer technologies.

CES has been the proving ground for developers and breakthrough innovators for fifty years. The great and the even greater spend a few days showing off what they’re working on or what they’re launching, and CES tends to set the tone for the following year. We reckon 2020 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, foldables, robotics and 8K TV tech.

This year’s CES, once again in Las Vegas, has already seen a number of amazing reveals in the world of home entertainment. Here’s Ebuyer’s first CES 2020 round-up featuring some of the best…

ces 2020 round up
Samsung’s no-bezel, edge-to-edge screen 8K TV. Just wow. (Samsung)

CES 2020 round-up: edge-to-edge and on-the-turn excellence

Samsung announced their no-bezel edge-to-edge TV, which extends the screen right to the limits of the frame. The QLED TV uses a whopping 99% of its front surface for display, so the tiny 2.3-millimetre bezel appears to be invisible to the viewing eye. The set offers an amazing 8K – so has a picture with an eye-popping four times the resolution of current 4K sets (or sixteen times as much as 1080p).

In addition, the South Korean tech innovator revealed an exciting new product designed specifically with the mobile phone generation in mind.

The Sero is a TV set which (just like a smartphone) can automatically flip between landscape and portrait viewing modes. Unlike phones, though (which typically have a roughly 6-inch display), the Sero screen measures an impressive 43 inches diagonally. Read more about the Sero in our previous blog, here.

Check your socials on your portrait mode TV! (Samsung)

Both Samsung sets should be available later in 2020. In the meantime Ebuyer stocks a selection of other high quality releases in Samsung’s range. LG unveiled the other brilliant TV innovation so far – a flexible OLED model which rolls down from the ceiling. How very James Bond…

There will be plenty more interesting, intelligent and eye-popping innovation on show over the next few days at CES 2020. Ebuyer will keep you posted with further CES 2020 round-ups…

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