Ease your eyes into the New Year with this iPhone tip

iPhone tip

For whatever reason (ho ho) do you feel a bit off it today, like us? Need an iPhone tip to sort you out?

It was a heavy night. Today your thumbs have gone weird. Your eyes hurt, too – but you don’t want to stop checking on your social media to see if anyone’s posted those embarrassing photos from last night yet… So here’s a very simple but very useful iPhone tip to give your peepers a break, courtesy of Ebuyer. A quick guide to the eye-sthetically pleasing function known as Dark Mode.

To turn on a system-wide Dark Mode (which sounds a bit Batman, doesn’t it?) you need to be running iOS 13 (you might not have updated yet, but iOS 13 was launched back in September).

When you activate Dark Mode all pre-installed apps (and any user-installed apps that are compatible) will change to a dark grey or black background. Much easier on the eye, and more comfortable to read when the old eyes are sore. It’s also pretty helpful in terms of preserving your iPhone’s battery life.

Even if only for New Year’s Day, that’s a bit more like it!

To activate Dark Mode open Settings. Go to Display & Brightness. At the top of the next screen will be the options Light and Dark. Tap which one you want to use. It’s that simple. Dark Mode can also be set to activate and deactivate automatically at specific times.

If you don’t have iOS 13 don’t panic. If you’re still using iOS 12 (or priors) there’s still a way to achieve the same pleasingly chilled iPhone display. Yes, there’s a fairly easy workaround for Dark Mode. Just use the Invert Colours, Night Shift or Low Light modes to give yourself similarly calming results.

That’s it. Our brief iPhone tip to get your New Year off to a comfortable start. Obviously not everyone out there has iPhones – there are many different types of device available. But all smartphones will have some sort of functionality to give your eyes a really welcome break on this ‘very tender’ physical and mental health day.

And if you’re thinking about a new phone – Apple or otherwise – Ebuyer stocks a great range. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

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