Meat-free pork, Segway & more – CES 2020 round-up

CES 2020 continues to deliver!

Day by day, each new tech launch seems to improve upon the last. Yesterday saw news from PlayStation, Mercedes and Samsung, each of them introducing their own game-changing inventions.

Today was no different with more big names announcing tech revolutions, from invisible cameras to plant-based pork. Here’s our take on the latest announcements.

Segway’s S-Pod

This looks like fun.

Have you ever looked at a Segway and wondered how it stays balanced? Well, now you can save your thoughts for some more pressing questions. Segway have taken an all-new approach with the S-Pod.

An initial look at the pod suggests it’s designed more for the able-bodied than the disabled as getting into the pod could be difficult without additional assistance.

It would certainly make exploring Vegas a lot more fun.

Herb fridge

Forget wine or beer, this fridge is for your health kick!

You can now cultivate your own herbs accurately and efficiently with LG’s herb refrigerator. Keep your windowsill clear with this specifically designed fridge that allows you increased control over the plant’s growing conditions.

Each fridge will allow you to grow up to 24 seed packages of vegetables and herbs, with each pack containing seeds, peat moss and fertilizer.

Stay green.

One plus invisible camera phone

Perfect for… discrete filming?

Fortunately, that’s not quite how it works. The camera is set behind the glass which covers the back of the phone, which can be changed to either opaque or transparent in order to reveal the camera.

OnePlus are obviously not fans of Apple’s new camera-heavy iPhone 11.

Impossible foods pork burger

This one’s for those of you who love meat as much as you love those innocent little piggies.

Ticking all the boxes, impossible pork is vegan, gluten-free and designed for kosher and halal certification. The plant-based meat has been invented to help tackle two of the biggest threats the world has ever faced, catastrophic climate change and a catastrophic meltdown in biodiversity.

Saving the planet has never been tastier.

More from CES

It’s not over yet!

Keep an eye on our Media Hub for more updates on the latest and greatest tech announcements coming out of CES 2020.

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