The evolution of movie special effects

There’s nothing quite as brilliant as movie special effects on a big screen. From the amazing cityscapes of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in 1926 to Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion skeleton army in Jason & The Argonauts in 1963 – and beyond – special effects have always been an essential part of the storytelling business…

These days the seamless integration of technology and imagination leaves us sometimes baffled as to when CGI begins and ends. In homage to the brilliance of movie special effects we kicked back and loaded up our fave films on disc. After a viewing marathon we put together this infographic into how your favourite films come to life with the evolution of special effects. We haven’t been able to include every SFX film we love, but we’re sure you’ll agree the ones we have included show the very best in movie special effects…

evolution of cgi

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