How can I save money with HP PAYS?

Introducing HP’s Print At Your Service (HP PAYS)

For those unaware, saving money on office printing has got a whole lot easier. Gone are the days of incurring extra expenses to fix a faulty printer or running out of ink or toner. All of which can play havoc with your cash flow.

HP has the solution.

How does a brand new HP printer protected with security sound? Oh, and deliveries of genuine manufacture’s ink or toner before you run out? That’s without even mentioning the next business day onsite service and fixed monthly payments that’ll maximise your budget and streamline your cash flow.

It almost sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear it isn’t. It’s HP’s Print At Your Service scheme (PAYS). Designed to take care of all your office printing needs so you don’t have to.

HP PAYS – A money saving scheme

HP PAYS is more than just a service, it’s a business partner.

You can enjoy stress-free printing knowing that HP have got all bases covered, from a brand new piece of office equipment to the ink that fills it.


Easy budgeting

Designed to fit comfortably into your outgoings, payment is broken down into low cost monthly instalments. Set at a flat rate, you know exactly how much you’ll be paying and when. No surprises.

There are no upfront payments either, the only payments are affordable monthly payments which in turn will help your businesses’ cash flow.

New Equipment at no extra cost

Kick your old printer to the curb, HP PAYS has an upgrade for you.

Included in your plan is a brand new HP printer, so don’t worry about having to cough up extra cash to benefit from a new device. Plus, every three to five years you can get a new printer with no upfront costs whatsoever.


Reduce downtime

If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in the situation where your printer is experiencing some technical issues – don’t panic. The HP PAYS scheme includes a premium support service that will send someone to fix your printer onsite the next working day.

Supplies when you need them

Trying to bulk-buy ink and toner in an attempt to save money and prepare for shortages is a stressful task. Wouldn’t it be easier if all your ink and toner was already paid for and delivered to you before supplies ran out?

Yes, it would. Which is why HP PAYS helps you save money on Original HP Ink and toner by including it in your plan and saving you up to 50% on retail price.

Don’t expect to be charged for delivery either, that’s covered in the plan too. So, there’ll never be a time where you’re unable to print.

Original Ink and toner

Another pitfall of trying to source ink and toner separately is the risk of it being incompatible with your printer. If you use ink from another manufacturer and your printer were to break, the warranty on the device would become invalid.

With Original HP Ink and toner built into the plan, you know you’re getting the best quality supplies every time.


Reliable support

Save more and worry less, with support you can count on. HP PAYS will deliver your printer and all your supplies to you onsite, as you need them. Rest assured that neither your team nor business will suffer a drop in productivity.


If you want to save money and increase productivity within your business, then you’re ready for HP PAYS. Head over to and select your plan now.

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