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Workplace printing revolutionised by HP Print At Your Service scheme

hp print at your service

HP Print At Your Service (more commonly referred to as PAYS) is a new sign-up scheme designed to meet work environment printing needs. It offers a revolutionary approach and great value. For a monthly fee subscribers receive a new HP printer, a discounted supply of ink and toner, a flexible page allowance and quick access to troubleshooting and repairs.

These days it’s ingrained. We don’t even think about it. We’ve all got used to the fact that almost every task in the work environment can be done digitally. There are sometimes big decisions to make about the technology your business requires. But the truth is, printed documents are still essential components of the working process for the vast majority of businesses.

Despite the advances in office technology over the decades, there’s no real substitute for seeing your documents on paper. But printing can be expensive – the cost of the printer itself (and associated repairs), the cost of ink and toner, and the cost of paper.

But when you join Print At Your Service, all needs are met…

hp print at your service
There’s no real substitute for seeing your documents on paper (HP)

HP Print At Your Service begins with a new printer

It may seem like one of the less obvious ‘office hacks’, but the stress-free functioning of the modern workplace can be seriously enhanced by the quality and reliability of the printer. Because it will almost certainly be in constant use in an office or work environment, a printer will suffer natural wear-and-tear over time. But you want efficient and consistent performance. Basically, you want your printer to be running as if it’s brand new. So one of the amazing benefits of HP’s PAYS scheme is that you’ll be provided with a new printer at the start of the plan. You can also ‘refresh’ with a new replacement device every three to five years.

HP Print At Your Service has a flexible print allowance

The monthly fee entitles you to print a specified number of single-sided A4 pages per one month period. If you set your plan too high, your unused pages can be ‘rolled over’ for up to a year. If you set your plan too low PAYS will automatically add the extra pages at the same cost per page. Plans are based on the number of pages you print, not the number of ink or toner cartridges you get through.

Original HP ink and toner supplies

The ultimate convenience! There’s absolutely no doubt that in the office environment you use a lot of ink or toner. But during the course of your PAYS plan, there’ll no longer be any need to send someone out to an office supplies store every time you run out. Using smart technology, your PAYS device connects to your office network, and with web services enabled it can monitor your levels of ink or toner – and orders replacements for when they’re needed. So there’ll be no gaps in the printer’s productivity. Original HP supplies are delivered to you with the additional benefit of a saving of up to 50%.

hp print at your service
The modern workplace can be seriously enhanced by the quality and reliability of the printer (HP)

Onsite service

Okay, it happens sometimes. In the unlikely event that your printer develops some sort of mechanical or software issue, once you’re reported a problem to HP, PAYS offers high-quality remote assistance – and onsite support (if required). Firstly, problems are put through a remote troubleshooting process and, if they can be, solved quickly that way. If that’s not possible and an HP representative is required to take a look at the device itself, they will work to fix the printer quickly or – if necessary – replace it (either temporarily or permanently).

Fixed monthly fee for HP Print At Your Service

Your monthly fee pays for the use of the HP printer, the Next Business Day Onsite Service and Original HP supplies with automated delivery. All you have to do is provide the paper (and Ebuyer can help you with that). With a range of different plans available – from 600 to 20,000 pages per month, and £19 for monochrome and £39 for color multi-function printers – there are high value options to suit each office.

hp print at your service
For further information visit the HP Print At Your Service homepage, here.

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