How robots are helping amidst the COVID-19 crisis

With reported cases of COVID-19 growing and the NHS being continuously stretched, it’s no secret that the UK’s flagship health system needs all the help it can get.

Enter Dyson. The company has responded to the government’s request for help and confirmed that it will begin work on a new type of medical ventilator to help the NHS. The announcement comes at a key time as more volunteers are enlisted to help the NHS, and social distancing measures are increased to help avoid overcrowding in hospitals.

The decision from Dyson to lend a hand poses the question “how is tech helping amidst the Coronavirus crisis?” Well, let’s take a look at how other technology is aiding people during this chaotic and worrying time.

UVD Robots

These robots have been specifically built to disinfect rooms, without the need for humans to do that work. Completely autonomous, the self-driving machine navigates its way around hospital rooms, killing microbes as it goes, using Ultraviolet light.

The robots currently take less than a day to make and are proving vital in preventing the spread of COVID-19 bacteria. Taking only 10 to 20 minutes to disinfect an average-sized room, the robots are extremely efficient and so can help speed up the treatment of patients.

Remote control robots

Also known as ‘little white snails’ these remote control robots have been deployed to clean the streets of China with disinfectant. The 4ft-tall robots were previously used to clean-up car parks and other public areas. But their potential as Coronavirus-fighting robots is now being explored.

The robot has to be accompanied by an operator, but remote control capabilities mean that it can carry more disinfectant than a human could, and it can be sent into areas which would otherwise be deemed unsafe.

Lockdown robots

Tunisia have turned to autonomous robots to enforce the country’s lockdown order by patrolling the streets. The security robot is not built to harm but it is capable of recording footage via multiple cameras, and alerting authorities to its location using GPS.

This ruggedised bot also incorporates a set of infrared cameras which span the entire surroundings of the robot, an omni-directional audio recording system, thermal camera and a sound and light alarm system. These features are utilised to detect any intrusions or ‘negative behaviour’ from citizens and can provide real-time alerts to these actions.

Other ‘bots’

There have been various other robots utilised to help during the Coronavirus crisis, such as WhatsApp’s chat bot. Users can message the chat bot and ask questions regarding the Coronavirus, and the bot can then provide advice which has been ‘pre-determined’.

The chat bot is in use alongside various other bot applications which track symptoms of the virus. The app provides information on the virus and helps people differentiate between symptoms of Coronavirus and those of the common cold.

Robots at Ebuyer

Unfortunately, we don’t stock any autonomous robots to prevent you from catching COVID-19. But we do stock a remote control Star Wars droid, and plenty of other tech to help keep you entertained whilst you’re self-isolating to protect yourself and others.

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