Gaming in isolation – Games to keep the kids entertained

Keeping the kids entertained can be a challenge, even without self-isolation. Trying to keep your kids actively learning new skills is equally as testing. But fear not, we have some great game suggestions that will not only entertain your children whilst gaming in isolation, but (hear us out…) also have educational benefits.

Here’s our list for great games for kids;


Loosely related to TheSims, this game is all about town planning. The aim of this game is to create a settlement from the limited resources and finances you are given to eventually create a booming city. Then as the game progresses you can develop your settlement with new industries, public services, commercial and residential areas.

The idea is to generate money to build more through taxation of your citizens and industries you create, without going bankrupt. You also must keep your town’s population happy by ensuring they have working utilities and appropriate public services such as hospitals and parks.

This game teaches players about how to manage budgets, city planning and what essentials are needed to strategically plan a good working town.  

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Yes, we had to mention this immensely popular game, but for a good reason. This game is great for kids, not only does it encourage creative thinking but also helps kids to learn coding basics.

Players can mine for raw materials then design and create structures and characters using the tools that they have (yes, you guessed it) also created. Kids love it because of the simplistic design and graphics of the game as well as the creative freedom it provides.

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with this highly praised game, available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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Zoo Tycoon

This game is great for those who say “when I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper”. As the player you create your own animal park, deciding on what animals to exhibit, entertainment for your visitors and most importantly feeding and looking after your animals.

As well as sticking to a budget, players need to generate good profits for their zoo to thrive. This game encourages players to use math skills and lateral thinking whilst also being a fun interactive game for those who just love animals.

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This one is for those who are trying to get their kids more interested in history. Its tag line is “build an empire to stand the test of time”, this strategic game is set in 4000 BC and then spans across different time periods as you progress through the game. Based on real historical events, the aim of the game is to create different civilizations, battle to take over different countries and develop your world. Your own city will compete with others for resources and land. This game can be played in multiplayer or single player mode and can be played on PC, Xbox one and PlayStation. This game will keep players entertained for hours.

With a lot of us having plenty of spare time to spend gaming during this current situation, it’s important to have the right tech. At Ebuyer we have a huge selection of gaming consolesgaming PCs, and all of the accessories you’ll need in order to start your next virtual adventure.

We hope that these suggestions from this segment from our mini- series help you to keep your little ones entertained during this difficult time. If you want to read more about gaming in isolation, why not check out our other blogs from this series? Remember, to stay at home and stay safe.

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