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How to install a hard drive & upgrade your PC’s storage

Upgrading the storage capacity of your PC will mean you gain extra space for software, games, videos and more. You can do this by installing a new and larger HDD – which is a pretty easy task. But, to give you some proper guidance, we’ve created this short video so you can see the process step by step.

For those of you who are looking to upgrade their storage but don’t know what a hard drive is, we’re here to help.

A hard drive – or HDD, as it’s often abbreviated to – is a data storage device which is attached to the disk controller on the motherboard of a computer. A hard drive contains a certain amount of space – some of which will be occupied by operating systems and backup installations. The rest is available to you so that you can store all of your personal files.

The more files you have the bigger your hard drive will need to be, so it’s important to upgrade your HDD so you are able to benefit from a larger capacity. Although, nowadays you have the option to store files on the cloud, you will need more space if you want to store your files locally.

With that in mind, take a look at our video on how to install a hard drive and upgrade your PC’s storage:

Now that you know how easy it is to install a hard drive, why not treat yourself to an upgrade? You can find a huge range of great hard drives available on our website.

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