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How to install a Motherboard – A Quick Guide From Ebuyer

Today we’re going to offer a quick guide to show you how to install a motherboard in your PC.

Before you get started, please note that not all motherboards are compatible – so it’s highly important that you select the correct motherboard for your CPU. In the video below, we’ve used an AMD Athlon 3000G processor on an AM4 platform.

If you’re not tech savvy, you may wonder what you can gain from upgrading your Motherboard. Well, upgrading your motherboard paves the way for upgrading other components of your PC – such as a faster processor, larger memory or higher performance graphics card.

Upgrading the components of your PC and ensuring they’re up-to-date is key to getting the maximum from your device. To help you achieve this, we’ve put together this easy to follow video that talks you through the process of installing a new motherboard.

Now that you know how to install a motherboard, why not treat yourself to an upgrade? You’ll find our full range of motherboards right here on our website. 

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