Smart Plugs: A starter guide

smart plugs

There are a few bits of tech you’ll need if you’re thinking of setting up a smart home. Essential amongst those things are small but powerful bits of kit called smart plugs – but what exactly are they?

Creating a smart system means that (with the aid of your Wi-Fi network) you’ll be able to connect up all of your home’s technology, and be able to gain total control over your environment. It also means you’ll have the ability to keep seriously close track of your energy usage. Smart plugs are key to the functionality of upgrading a home into a smart home – and in this starter guide we’re going to explain how and why.

Are they basically remote control plugs?

Essentially, yes – but using your home’s Wi-Fi. A smart plug is a piece of tech which plugs directly into an electricity socket, in exactly the same way as a standard plug on a device. Any home appliance you then plug into the smart plug (which is plugged ‘into the wall’) will become smart through your home’s Wi-Fi.

So, in effect, you can think of a smart plug as a sort of ‘inbetweener’ which is connected to your Wi-Fi, physically placed between your non-smart device and a wall socket, to both power that device and make it smart controllable.

smart plugs

What can I use smart plugs for?

You can connect any device – a kettle, a toaster, a lamp, a radio or a fan for example – and turn that device on or off from anywhere, even if you’re on your way home from work, out shopping or simply sat in your living room. You’ll be able to turn on your living room lamp from the other side of town, and you’ll be able to get the coffee maker in the kitchen started without leaving the comfort of your bed, and you’ll be able to make sure that the slow-cooker is on and getting your evening meal going while you’re still at work.

You could set up a schedule which will make your house lights turn on and off at certain intervals – so if you’re not at home it looks like you are still around and active in there. This will help deter would-be intruders and improves the security of your home.

The interface for all of that control is your smart control app, accessible through your smartphone or tablet, laptop, PC or home hub. You will be able to control all of the technology, and all of the systems, in your home through your smart control app. You can even use your voice to control your smart plugs, as well as your other smart devices, in conjunction with Google Assistant and Alexa smart speakers.

Do smart Wi-Fi plugs save me money?

You’ll find that by installing smart plugs you can make your home more efficient in terms of energy usage, and so you will save money compared to your current usual household bills.

Due to the simple fact that there’s no need to keep appliances on standby, you will use less electricity and, therefore, your bill will be lower. Leaving electrical devices on standby traditionally accounts for up to 10% of your electricity bill – so you can eliminate that waste and make a saving by using smart plugs and turning devices on and off remotely, and by using a timing system. You’ll also be able to keep track of how much electricity you are using.

smart plugs

So it’s smart plugs for a smart home?

Yes, it is! What a valuable addition smart plugs can be to a home. The rise of smart technology for the home is no surprise, really. In fact, in this day and age it’s the only logical choice you can make. Upgrading a living space for maximum convenience and the ultimate efficiency is a really sensible thing to do. A really smart thing to do…

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