5 Gaming Peripherals upgrades you can’t do without

So you’ve got your console or gaming PC all set up and ready to go… But you feel like something might be missing… There is! Why not take your gaming to the next level and treat yourself to some gaming peripherals?

We’ve come up with a few of our favourite gaming peripherals to help you get the pro set-up you’ve always wanted, and to quickly improve your gaming experience. Enjoy!

4K Ultrawide Monitor

It may be a bit of a case of stating the obvious, but you need a monitor for your gaming PC. But why settle for anything less than the best? If you’re still using a small (and we mean anything less than 23”) FHD LED monitor, then you should upgrade. It’s time to go big or go home! Not just in terms of screen size.

You must have a 4K display to get the most from the incredible graphics today’s designers populate their games with. If 4K is a must, and it really is, why not go the whole hog and grab yourself a widescreen or curved monitor? You’ve heard of immersing yourself in a game – and with a 4K widescreen monitor you can do exactly that. Look for 27” and above – preferably 30”+ if you can. And don’t worry too much about budget. You will find some amazing 4K ultrawide monitors at great value prices at Ebuyer.

Find your perfect 4K monitor here

Wired gaming mouse

No longer is a mouse just a mouse. Gaming mice have developed into things of beauty… with a cutting edge. A gaming mouse obviously must look great, with plenty of bling. But it also needs to be comfortable in the hand with adjustable DPI and programmable buttons. The mouse is a crucial weapon in every gamer’s armoury. There’s no way you should settle for second best. You can be sure that your opposition won’t.

Upgrade your current mouse to one with higher DPI, one that has adjustable weight and balance, as well as all the programmable buttons you need to compete at the highest level. And don’t forget to make sure it’s got RGB lighting. Even mice should look pretty.

Find your perfect gaming mouse at Ebuyer.

Mechanical keyboard

Tricky one this. As gamers we all have our favourite keyboard. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution here. But, if you haven’t already, we’d urge you to try out one or two new mechanical keyboards. Maybe forsake red keys for brown? Try out different manufacturers. We all have our go-to brands but there is plenty of choice out there – and prices are tumbling. You can now find a good mechanical gaming keyboard for around £50 if you look beyond the bigger names in the industry.

Pick up your perfect gaming keyboard here

Gaming chair

In the pantheon of gaming peripherals a good chair is an absolute must. Don’t worry; we’re not going to start throwing words like ‘ergonomic’ or ‘deformation resistance’ around… But we should all know that if you don’t have a decent gaming chair a five-hour CoD session will leave you hunched over like a 90-year-old bloke trying to walk to collect his pension in a hurricane. And it’s always mystifying to us why gamers spend small fortunes on their rig but make do with any tatty and uncomfortable old chair. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Upgrade to a chair specifically designed for gamers. It makes such a difference. There are plenty to choose from and whilst a good chair does cost a chunk of cash it definitely is money really well spent.

Find the ultimate gaming chair at Ebuyer.

Gaming surface

Probably the last of the gaming peripherals people think about. A gaming surface probably ranks below an energy drink holder on most shopping lists. But that’s a bit of a mistake. Though we’re not knocking energy drinks here! But a good gaming surface can sometimes make the difference between winning and losing. The extra-large surface area puts them way out in front of traditional mouse mats. But it goes beyond size. The actual surface of the mat is responsive and provides accurate tracking. So, a gaming surface is an essential bit of kit, and with such low costs there’s no excuse not to have one. Obviously, though, just make sure your desk is large enough for the surface you decide on.

Find the best gaming surfaces here

So there you have it, Ebuyer’s choice of our top 5 gaming perhipherals upgrades you can’t do without. There are many ways in which you could easily improve your gaming set up without having to spend a fortune. At Ebuyer we have a great choice of gaming perhipherals at amazing prices. So why not treat yourself to a new gaming chair, 4K monitor or wired mouse – and level up your gaming experience? 

Also why don’t you check out our Supercharge Gaming page? It has all of our serious tech for serious gamers! 

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