A list of hobbies to pick up in lockdown

Most of us have got rather a lot of time on our hands at the moment – but not enough ways to fill it… Which leads us to ask the question:

Why not get a hobby?

A great way to fill some of your time is with something that’s both productive and fulfilling. A lot of people don’t know where to turn when it comes to picking a hobby, and more often than not end up giving up on their choice.

To help you discover your inner calling, we’ve put together this list of hobbies that might just take your fancy.


Photography is a great hobby to start. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and can take you to some really picturesque places. If you’ve always loved taking pictures but never thought of taking it up as a hobby, now is the chance to dedicate some free time to developing your skills.

A natural photographer can make anything look good – and with some extra help from the proper equipment, you’ll be winning Photographer Of The Year awards in no time!

Here’s our favourite: the Canon PowerShot SX530. This 16-megapixel camera features 50x optical zoom and 100x ZoomPlus, which make it perfect for taking landscape photos in retina-busting detail.


This is a great one for whilst you’re stuck at home and have nothing better to spend your money on than succulent burgers and juicy hotdogs. While some people consider themselves to be good cooks, barbecuing is a whole different ballgame. This bucket BBQ is the perfect way to become the ultimate grill master.

Due to you not doing much travelling around you may wonder why you would invest in a portable BBQ just for the back garden. Well, due to it being built for portability it’s extremely easy to whip out of the shed and set up straight away, leaving more time for you to prep that delicious side salad.

Our top pick is the Vida Bucket BBQ. It features a charcoal grill and is designed to be quickly assembled and disassembled for the ultimate in hassle-free barbecuing. What are you waiting for? Get this bad boy fired up!

Flying Drones

Practising your piloting skills is another great way to pass the time until the pubs re-open. Even before boozers closed, drones were a popular hobby choice, with some people enjoying flying them around the house, and others using camera-fitted-drones to film outdoor adventures.

If you’re itching to get out and about again, you can fine tune your aviation skills in your back garden (without the judgement of potential drone-flying experts passing by) before setting out on your next hiking adventure.

With so many great options, choosing our favourite was difficult. However, we finally settled on the DJI Ryze Tello EDU Drone in a mean charcoal Black. It features a built-in camera and AI technology which can track your movements whilst filming. You’ll get epic videos of your post-lockdown endeavours.


If you told your parents that gaming was a hobby, they’d probably give you a clip round the ear and send you downstairs to scrub the dishes for being so ridiculous. Times have changed, however, and gaming is now a favoured pastime for many, which in-turn has fuelled the rise in popularity of esports gaming events.

So, if you’re looking for something more challenging than annihilating your little brother with Barcelona while he plays with the mighty (or so you tell him) Accrington Stanley, then you can set your sights on a multimillion pound prize at the biggest esports tournaments!

To get you started, we’d recommend this ASUS gaming laptop. The key benefit of this gaming laptop is that it features all the peripherals you’d otherwise need to buy, but rolled into one device. It also comes with a matching laptop bag to keep it looking pristine and scrape-free.

A list of hobbies from Ebuyer

Hopefully, this little list of hobbies has helped guide you towards an activity a bit more productive than pointlessly re-watching Friends all day. If not, and you’re still in search of the right bit of kit to get your next hobby off the ground, head over to our website for some more inspiration!

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