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With many of us taking to gaming to fill our free time, it’s important to prevent the tedious back or shoulder pain that can arise from long gaming sessions.
By ensuring that you’re correctly positioned in front of your gaming PC or console, you can avoid the agony of a stiff back after a session. At Ebuyer, we like to consider ourselves the experts when it comes to gaming peripherals… so we’ve come up with some of our best chairs for gaming and the great features to look out for!

What’s the best chair for PC Gaming?

With so many PC Gaming chairs available on the market, it can be daunting when trying to pin down which one would be best for the job! The key thing to remember is back and arm support. Make sure that your chair has lumbar padding and changeable arm rests.

If you spend hours battling it out on a gaming PC then you’ll need a gaming chair that has the right height adjustment options which allow you to sit in front of your monitor free from neck strain.
One of our best chairs for gaming is this one from Nitro Concepts. This model comes with great adjustable back and armrest options meaning that it can match the individual contours of your body, allowing you to sit comfortably for hours without repercussions! We also love this chair because of its extra head and support pillows that you can alter in order to match your preferences, providing you with extra comfort that is hard to find in a lot of gaming chairs.

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Oh, and don’t forget about its long lasting fabric combined with a breathable foam, ensuring comfort for your long gaming sessions. Nitro Concepts gaming chairs come in an awesome range of colours and designs, meaning you can put your personal touch on your gaming set up!

What is the best chair for gaming on a console?

For many gamers, playing on a console is done sat on the sofa, hunched over the controller. However, this positioning can damage your posture over time. At Ebuyer, we have a great selection of gaming chairs specifically designed for console gaming. These gaming chairs are set lower to the ground, meaning they are perfectly aligned to a TV screen. Most console chairs are titled perfectly to provide ergonomic support for your lower back when playing GTA or Call of Duty!
Remember, the best chair for gaming on a console needs to be easy to keep clean. We all know the annoyance of spilling session snacks and leaving the evidence all over the family sofa!

One of our favorite console gaming chairs is the X Rocker Torque Pedestal chair for its wipeable vinyl material, meaning that you can keep it looking brand new, even after long sessions. Another thing that makes a great gaming chair is the easy storage. Many X Rocker console chairs fold away, making them great to store when not in use. Arm rests are also an essential for hours of continuously holding a controller. The best chairs for gaming will have adjustable arm supports, meaning you can sit in comfort for hours!

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Whatever way you like to play, make sure you do it with enough ergonomic support. Only some of the best chairs for gaming will do the job! You can find them here at Ebuyer for amazing prices and fast delivery to anywhere in the UK!

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