The best Wi-Fi routers for your home

It’s easy to take Wi-Fi for granted. After all, it’s crucial to almost any new piece of tech nowadays. Got a new laptop? Connect it to Wi-Fi. Got a new smart-home device? Connect it to Wi-fi. Got a new fridge? Connect it to Wi-Fi!

Okay, not everyone has a Wi-Fi enabled fridge… but you get the point.

Almost every piece of tech in your home will use your Wi-Fi in some way, which puts extra strain on your connection. The more devices you have using your Wi-Fi the more you demand from it, which can leave you vulnerable to a whole host of connection issues.

To avoid issues such as lag, buffering or other connection downfalls which cause you to roll your eyes and let out a deep sigh, make sure you’ve got a router that can handle the demand.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best Wi-Fi routers for your home…

Our Wi-Fi router top picks

We scoured our range of Wi-Fi routers, cross-examined each one and inspected them with a microscope to bring you the best of what we have to offer. Okay that might be bending the truth a little – but we have included a list of our favourites and how they can improve your internet connection.

Netgear Nighthawk R7000P Wireless Router

Our first choice is NETGEAR’S Nighthawk – and, no, we didn’t choose this because it has a name a bit like a superhero. It does, though, look a little like something superhero would use.

This nifty piece of kit can handle all your high-bandwidth activities, meaning you don’t have to worry about buffering while you’re streaming the full Lord of The Rings trilogy or lassoing your friends on Red Dead Redemption. In fact, you can do both at the same time!

The Spec:

  • 4-port switch
  • GigE
  • 11a/b/g/n/ac

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Ai Mesh Wireless Router

This router looks like something straight out of a fantasy video game and certainly wouldn’t look out of place amongst other sci-fi memorabilia on the mantelpiece.

It’s not just looks that make this router badass, it’s also packing some neat features such as the Game Dashboard, which will give you a heads-up about all of your devices and connection. Your Friday night game-a-thon’s just got even better.

The Spec:

  • Fortified frontline network security
  • Simultaneous gaming and VPN
  • Your own gaming Wi-Fi band
  • Quad-core power

TP-Link ARCHER VR400 AC1200 Wireless Router

This one’s for all you Wi-Fi fridge owners out there! Don’t worry, regular fridge owners can buy this too.

This swanky piece of eye-candy serves two purposes by acting as a DSL modem and wireless router. You know, a two birds / one stone kind of deal. The USB ports encourage you to attach a 4G adapter so if your internet drops off, you’ve got a back up! Perfect for making sure you don’t miss out on those weekly Zoom quizzes.

The Spec:

  • Superfast Wi-Fi – Up to 1.2Gbps
  • Superfast VDSL Broadband
  • Versatile Backup Connectivity

The best Wi-Fi routers from Ebuyer

Now that you’ve had a look through a few of our favourite Wi-Fi routers and found out how they can benefit you, why not treat yourself to one?

While we’re all stuck at home binge-watching our favourite shows and gaming til our thumbs are sore but our hearts are content, it’s the perfect time to bag yourself a cheeky upgrade.

To do a little browsing of your own, head over to our website and take a look at our full range of Wi-Fi routers.

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